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  1. I too would like to know this. I haven’t had any luck with any LEDs on any of my cars, they look nice and bright when you’re standing a few feet to look at them, but the projection isn’t all that great.
  2. So I spoke to soon..after fixing the 2 codes mentioned in the initial posting of this thread, I went to randomly scan the car to make sure everything was good. I saw a new code P1448, which is the Evap Canister Valve. My (stupid) question can a gas cap throw this code off? I ordered this valve just in case, but things seems to be taking on a domino affect..
  3. ah damn forgot to toggle the notifications for this post. I went to Harry’s u pull it in Allentown, they had a few listed on their website, but when I got there, it was pretty much stripped or damaged. I’m just trying to find new fenders for my 98 Pathy. But I’ll keep an eye out on millerstown. thanks so much for the heads up!!
  4. Solved! There was a hole on the intake hose underside right by the throttle body. When my friend was cranking the car to turn on after timing the dizzy, I heard a loud pop and saw a flame come out from that area. Probed around, and saw it Cracked the hose right down the middle. I guess upon checking for leaks, we didn’t notice that, and spraying the hoses didn’t do anything since it was on the very underside and close to the throttle body. Easily overlooked as Mr_Reverse mentioned. Drove it around a bit and no codes yet. Sure hope that fixes things (for now). thanks to everyone that chimed in and helped out. this is honestly the first car forum I’ve been on that has been very proactive and quick with responses!
  5. Hey Mattmill91, thanks for the response! I did hit all lines and there were no changes with rpm spikes or anything weird. Just a thought, but would the timing from the distributor throw these codes?
  6. Hey Everyone, so when I first got my path about a week and some change now. I first scanned the car and got codes: P0100 P0325 P0304 since then, I replaced the maf sensor (terribly clogged & dirty.) Spark Plugs Spark Plug Wires Distributor Cap Valve Gasket Seals Throttle Body Gasket. after doing those, the codes went away except for knock sensor (P0325). Which was a given since I didn’t do anything to that. Than just 2 days ago, the car threw a CEL, and I scanned it and P0300 & P0171 popped up. I cleared the code and the p0300 came back but now P0171. Than today, P0171 popped back up. The car idles a bit jittery in intervals. It doesn’t drive bad, but the misfires seem to happen at idling. I read threads that’s mentioned doing a tune up (which I’ve done as mentioned above) or checking for any leaks. I sprayed some break cleaner on the hoses to see if it causes any spikes in rpm, and nothing. All sensors and hoses are connected. Can anyone steer me into the right direction on what could have possibly caused these codes to pop up, as I seem to be stumped. any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Anyone know any good junkyards in the NJ/NY/PA area? Looking to try and snag some parts. The local ones around charge an arm and a leg..
  8. Any idea what it would be called? When I try searching, the rubber grommets are the only ones that keep popping up. thanks for the help!!
  9. Hi Everyone, today I swapped my vale cover gaskets since it was leaking, and noticed I lost one of the “caps” for one of the screws. It’s the one that goes under or after the rubber grommet. Any idea where I can find some?
  10. Hey everyone, I tried to search for this before posting, but couldn’t find anything. I took apart my front bumper yesterday and noticed there was a hole / rust on my lower rad support. I see that the part itself is fairly cheap. Now my question is, is this a plug and play bolt on or is there welding involved? From the pictures, it looks like it just bolts right on. Would like to know before committing. Has anyone done this? any info and help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thank you all for the replies! I’ll just play the waiting game and search around some junkyards and see which pops up first. Thank you again for all the info and help!
  12. Thank you all for the replies and help! I guess I was under the impression that 98-04 were mostly if not all interchangeable. I didn’t even really plan on getting this car, but the opportunity came up, and I got it for $500. Which I will Plan on using for a daily (since my current and only car is slammed lol). But I’ll wait for the fender as I see that most places are out of stock for it, which I think is why the prices for what’s left is on the higher side. Again, I appreciate all of the help, and look forward to learning from this forum.
  13. Thank you for the info! Would you be able to point me in a direction to where I can find fenders for this chassis? thank you!
  14. Now that you say this, it seems that this chassis doesn’t have as much parts support as post face lift? I was hoping that they were going to be interchangeable. Any idea where I can find body parts for this chassis for cheap?
  15. Hi, I just picked up a 98 pathfinder today, and the front fender is rotted on the bottom portion of the fender. I was trying to search for fenders online and saw mostly 99-04 pop up, but the generic “car fitment” that the sites offer says it doesn’t fit my chassis. Is this true?
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