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    90 SE-V6, 2dr, 4x4, Manual VG30e, Thorley Headers, Walker HF Cat and Flow Master muff Mean Green Alternator, Dodge Dakota Electric Fan Lift: 3in CalMini Front/ RS5000 Rear, 3 inch body 33x12.5 BFG KM2 on Mickey Thompson Pro-5 Drag Wheel Custom front bumper, Smitty XCR-10 winch, bobbed front fenders,clip and grill. Full interior cage with awesome Rugged Ridge rollcage accessory pack (It's really handy). "No really, it's a 90, 2 door"
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    Santa Cruz CA
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  1. Banned for not stopping Red from creating More Zombies... Again.
  2. Son of a.... That's the problem I've been having, and I took my cap off other day and noticed the rubber seal was all &*(%ed. It's folder over like someone put the cap on off kilter and crushed the rubber. Well atleast now I know how to get that light to turn off, Now I just need a new cap.
  3. ^ is a rule breaker, heart breaker, doncha mess around with him 《 won't be serving because he is likely to be unable as felons can't, wait, that's probably the one above, trouble maker... v should just ignore summons, they won't follow up, it's too much effort and totally not cost effective
  4. Banned for being awesome, how about that?
  5. To zombie, or not to zombie... yup, doin it. Zombie Thread!! I haven't had much trouble with my path as far as dating and someone not liking it. She is built for trail and I do lean towards country, or country ish girls that enjoy doing outdoors stuff. That probably helps because most of them just look at it as a vehicle to take camping in some fun harder to reach places. I have received a decent amount of guff about my "Jap truck" from other people, but not anyone I was dating. Probably because anyone who would go there was dismissed before dating was an option. Any dude that gets put off by you having some truck/car knowledge can't handle a smart woman and would just be overwhelmed by something else anyways. So really it's an easy douchebag screening process. Probably have better luck finding someone that's into you having a truck in a offroad group or forum than anywhere else, atleast you know right of the bat ya'll got that in common. Maybe find a dude with a Titan and some quads. Pam, You're right about running plates out here, atleast down here below SF, it totally happens. More with smaller stock SUVs like these or Jeeps. In Castroville, Salinas and Watsonville I see Pathfinders, Hardbodys and sometimes Xterras all around farms. It's because they make great farm trucks. Farmers and workers love em because they're kinda cheap and perform very well in the dirt and mud with no or little modification. I don't get much trouble from them, but mine is lifted and looks very purpose built like Redpath and Adamzan's. I think they see that look and assume it's just a dad with a fun truck for the weekends. A trick my dad taught me when I drove a common farm car was AAA or badge shaped "I Support my local Sheriff" sticker on the bumper. I hate having stickers on my truck, but holy crap did that chill them out. I rarely got followed more than a block or 2 in my junky mazda. My 1st Pathfinder came with a camo "HOORAH" sticker, only got pulled over once. Oh yeah, there was a reason I resurrected this, other than boredom and it's an interesting subject out of the norm for here. There should be a dating thing for people that love to hit trails and mud and camp in the desert in their trucks. Is there one? There sure as hell should be. It would be great to find out about big meat ups and hangout with some people into trucks n trails. Something like that has to exist.
  6. ^ Is wrong about that, but what's new? < Just never responds so they don't send notices anymore. ˅ Can't wait for Jury Duty.

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