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  1. Hi 1) Id like a set of the TX10 gears. Does 4 high remains the same ratio (4 low is affected)? 2) Someone once told me that it is bad to run modified TX10 gears without changing pinion-ring gears, because all the torque is not distributed equally throughout the drivetrain. Can one safely switch from the stock 2.0:1 TX10 ratio, to the 3.9:1 ratio, while still running standard 4.375 pinion gears? Thanks ---9heart
  2. Yes that would be better. I ordered an alt from a 92 Quest. The pick-a-part sent me one from a 96 maxima. ..thinking I'll try to make it fit rather than pay shipping back. There is a writeup here: http://nissannut.com/projects/alt_upgrade/ But yea, im still wondering about the 125 amps. Do I need to rewire any of the vehicles electrical? Should I have concern for fire hazards or burning out electric/electromechanical components that weren't designed for the increased amperage?
  3. Hi, sorry for the major thread resurrections. I am planning to replace my 60amp factory alternator with the 125Amp Maxima. Do I need to rewire any of the vehicles electrical? Should I have concern for fire hazards or burning out electric/electromechanical components that weren't designed for the increased amperage? Thanks --- 9heart
  4. Sorry for old bump; Im looking at getting headers for my 01/1990 2-Door WD21, 4x4, VG30E, manual transmission. Are the pace-setters and doug-thorleys only made to fit on the 1990-1995 4-door SE models? Or will they fit on my 2Door? I am confused by the fact that I have a early 1990 2-door SE, which seems to suggest I should look for 87-89 headers. But I dont have a VG30i, its instead a VG30E. Help? ----edit --- Here is what I've learned - From 1985 to 1989 Pathfinders were available with 2-door body, either the VG30i or the diesel -The four-door Pathfinder was introduced in October 1989, and in early 1990 it became only a four door. -Some US 1990 Pathfinders came with the two door body, but they are rare. (mine is one of these, apparently!) -1990 the V6 received an upgrade from VG30i to VG30e. ----2nd edit --- So I need to find headers that will meet requirements of 90-95VG30e fitment, and being a 86-89 2-door body style, and a manual 4x4...anyone can help with this? Mike at AC says " I have never ran into this situation with 2 door Pathfinder that had VG30E." ?
  5. Excellent thread hawairish, thank you. Quick question for you. I am a bit of a "greenhorn", so pardon my ignorance here I have a H233B LSD and I'm looking at the Detroit lockers: https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18915694-complete-detroit-locker-assembly.html The website says "Can be used with open or limited slip carrier." So will the locker drop in, replacing the LSD? Or do I need to buy some other components? Would I have to bust everything up? Or could I sell the LSD to offset the cost? Thanks --- 9heart
  6. Hello again and I am 9heart and here is my Pathy Some folks on NPORA said the 89-90 2doors have a VG30i. Well for whatever reason, my darling SE-V6 has a VG30E. Power windows/locks, sunroof, tire carrier, LSD, 75,000kms. My darling is a little bit dirty from relocating to the new home during the snowstorm last week, but its ok, I am treating her very good and will be cleaned up soon. She is forever and I have waited so long to find one like her. I am very thankful that she decided to choose me: MFG Date: January 1990: Some japanese text at the bottom, perhaps it says something about timing chain at 100,000kms? Thanks for looking --- 9heart
  7. Hello and I am 9heart and this is my introduction I am documenting my daily work on Pathy 1990 WD21 HERE Thanks

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