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Found 5 results

  1. Please help ID this coolant hose? Part number would be great ...Rock Auto if possible. Today it has a pin hole leak and it has been bulging for a while. Maybe it IS NOT a “formed” hose and I can use a generic inside diameter hose to replace this one. If so, what is the size hose to buy? It appears to be about five inches long. It looks like I will be able to cut out the old one and then slip the new one on without removing other parts. Anyone have experience buying, removing, and replacing this little hose? Thanks very much! Aaron https://imgur.com/gallery/hOtEs6c
  2. Hey friends what's good? Looking for an Interior Cruise Control Switch for my pathfinder. The original switch I have has recently fallen apart ad into pieces (very strange). I must have bumped it with something no realizing. Anyway until then my cruise control worked and now long drives are more of a chore. Aside from a replacement switch, if you know of where to buy a similar switch or a modification that will work to replace the switch. Or, if you have a replacement switch from a wrecked vehicle, etc. please let me know. I have paypal and appreciate any help fixing this issue. Thanks very much, Aaron
  3. Hello NPORA friends, for my 1992 SE 4X4 manual, I’m looking for 1) the insulator piece/insert for the cigarette lighter or the name of the piece/part# and where how to order one, Nissan or aftermarket is fine? And 2) need the blue steering wheel column plastic clamshell pieces in good to excellent condition and without broken parts, cracks, or missing fastener points if possible? I would like to get the cigarette/ 12 volt insert fixed ASAP yet not in a hurry on the steering console clamshell ...just want to upgrade to a nicer one than mine when one becomes available. I would pay $100 including shipping PayPal for the steering column clamshell. Let me know if you can help with these. I appreciate the help, cheers.
  4. Hey NPORA, looking to replace or rehab the brake cylinder or get the seals replaced on my 1992 SE Pathy? It’s been leaking for about 6 months and unfortunately the brake fluid is corroding the paint and parts below the cylinder now. I’m asking what’s the best way to stop the leaking and it’s probably a seal or o-ring, ...not sure? Everything is functional otherwise yet the leaking is getting worse and you can see the brake fluid on the driveway in the one photo. What’s the best remedy, replacing the brake master cylinder (what brand?), and or can the seals in a kit be ordered? Thanks for any help, advice. Cheers
  5. I found some LED lights that are i believe are plug and play but i’m wondering if i have to buy new housing units or will the stock ones be fine. And also if anyone has a better way or better fitment bulbs please let me know. These are the ones i found https://www.amazon.com/AUXITO-Headlight-9000Lumens-Extremely-Conversion/dp/B07DGTTTKN/ref=pd_gwm_cr_simh_0?pf_rd_s=grid-2&pf_rd_t=Gateway&pf_rd_i=mobile&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pd_rd_wg=veXem&pd_rd_r=049R1C7XBFWZZE3F57EM&pd_rd_w=YzI5W&pf_rd_r=91F9GAQM0Q9PNYK3MMTN&pf_rd_p=8685336c-66e9-4fc3-a54f-476dcb068b08&pd_rd_i=B07DGTTTKN
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