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    1995 xev6 4x4 w/ procomp xtreme all terrains 31x10.5x15, rear lsd, 5 speed. daily driver
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  1. all i'll say is you can fit a futon pad(s) in the back or even a full size mattress works all right at the camp grounds...if you get my drift. but in the back woods all i have to say is shake that bear...
  2. so iknow is been awhile but i replaced the fuel filter and the problem continued got my tps and replaced it had it in for around a month now, and no issues might be weird but it seems to have solved my issues
  3. cleaned my k&n and fixed my broken exhaust hanger
  4. word mines been intermintent since may of last year, but latley its just outta hand, but after i got the 02sensor replaced doing pretty good, and the tps had a cut wire in a bad way so its just kinda rigged up for now, i would just feel better not having a busted one on it. and my fuel filter is still pretty new, but it can't hurt to get another one, just too lazy i guess, thanks man hope it'll help my poor truck.
  5. Done a tranny swap before too with no parking lot, just dirt and some grass.

  6. yeah i know the tps is a pain but its gonna have to be done...if it ever gets here!!!!!!!!!!
  7. well i got a new o2 sensors, truck runs a little smoother now, but i'm kinda pissed i shelled out 20 for over night delivery, and i won't get my tps, until atleast monday
  8. cleaned mass, made no difference, gonna order new tps on wednesday.
  9. found a wire that was some how cut on the tps sensor, got it hooked back up, but still having problem. fuel filter has been recently replaced, but they are cheap so i might get anther one and see if that helps. will clean mas today. thanks guys
  10. so recently while driving down the road my throttle cuts out, meaning that while driving at any and all speeds my truck decides to randomly stop accelerating, and return to idle (very frustrating when changing gears) anyways was wondering if anyone has had this problem before, or has any ideas as to what might cause this. anything anyone can offer would be helpful, thanks for your time everybody.
  11. nothing like doing a tranny swap in the parking lot

  12. hey you stole my birthday....

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