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  1. I believe I've accepted yours. I don't have any new requests!
  2. should i bother with a "poor man's sus. lift" or just go balls to the walls with "Project Sasquach" aka Solid Axle Swap.. Any input?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. stalker


      easy question...SAS..!!

    3. heythurr


      well eventually i will take it off the road and it will become a trailored toy ;) up until then though i would still be driving it on the road. I've decided to go SAS, probably won't start till after summer though.

    4. 620datsun


      great idea about to start on a sas for my datsun 620

  3. I'm definitely having issues finding some UCAs for my 94 pathy, Also, will the springs out of a 89 Commache Eliminator work or do I need to use Grand Cherokee Coil Springs?
  4. I believe I accepted the request this morning! You don't need to be in the lower mainland to join.
  5. debating if i should go new or used JGC springs..

    1. Tungsten
    2. Trogdor636


      Depends on what you pay used...my Pick N Pull wants 50 bucks for springs. Rockauto.com has new ones for 62....

    3. The_Magicians_Eye


      used. It's a much cheaper gamble. It may set you back around $30 for the set and a little time. That was enough for me to try them myself. I'm happy with them.

  6. Tri-City based 4x4 group for Nissan Pathfinder owners and their jealous groupies. Usually hit up Stave for Church, but are definitely not limited to it. Wheeled from Pemberton to Hope, and always eager eager to explore...Not to mention find some more fail.. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/381871338496197/
  7. Well I'm at Lordco on Douglas Rd. in Burnaby if you need anything.
  8. failfinder's running better than ever! no more 250km a tank!

  9. LOL doesn't surprise me. You've got to know someone to really get a deal is what it comes down to. "Retail" price is absurd here, and have 30% discount means you only get 30% off the "Retail" price. But keep in mind that if you know someone, things drastically get cheaper. To be honest, working here and having a "staff" discount really isnt all that good. I still go to B & J Parts to get most of my stuff as its STILL cheaper than my discount here. But with that said, I used to work there and they've always treated me well.
  10. Got Doug Thorley Hedders on my rig, LOVE em. Unfortunately, it's about that time (maybe way past that time) where I've got to do the Exhaust Manifold Gaskets.. Horrid ticking unless I'm idling or holding my foot at a steady 3000rpm. Hoping that I don't break any studs when I go to do this job..
  11. SHE'S ALIVE and Road Worthy.. Needs a little cosmetic work cuz of the ex but she's stable and roaring to go!

  12. 2 " body lift? Use hockey pucks.. works awesome... google it.
  13. hey you stole my birthday....

  14. Yeah, it's not too bad I guess.. hahaha. But we could possibly start a Lordco Acct for NPORA as its free to set up.. The more people use an account, the greater the discount you get. Though, if anyone here on NPORA is in the GVRD area, come down to the Lordco on Douglas Rd and see me, I will definitely hook up fellow NPORA members
  15. has finally gotten all the tune-up essentials for the Pathy.. 3 weeks till it sees concrete again.. :)

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