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  1. Given that someone blocked me from the FB group I'm not sure why I'm even posting here anymore... I guess I'll be the better man though and continue to update my build thread. Trying to get her wrapped up before the move. Need to finish the lower shock mounts on the rear axle and then I can get rid of the jack stands. Other than the brakes and power steering hoses, the front end is ready to roll. Rock Crawler Mode: Mud Truck Mode: Upper Rear Shock Mounts Lots of math went into this so I didn't have to redo a bunch of work. Everything has to be just right to fit the 12" coilovers back there without cutting up the floor.
  2. Had the factory one extended. It's more than likely going to be replaced at some point though. I wasn't happy with the work they did.
  3. Front axle is back in. The tires and wheels are on. Need to hook up the coilovers and the front drive shaft so I can do a final suspension and steering cycle. I might have some trimming to do on the front body mount and a little on the frame but so far everything looks great.
  4. Since it's way to cold to work in the shop and I'm on a spending freeze, I figured why not get some videos edited.
  5. Didn't get nearly as much done this weekend as I had hoped. Either way I'm a little closer. Got the exhaust crossover pipe (Y-pipe) made. It's only tacked up at the moment because I plan on TIG welding this together. The welds will be much smaller and cleaner if I do it that way. One of the issues I have with piecing exhaust together like this is that they usually look rough when mig welded together. There is just far to many joint real close together to have larger welds. It's just personal preference though. Everything beyond this point will be mig welded.
  6. Got my adjustable limit straps in from TMR Customes. Really happy with these and their customer service. And here is a sneak peek of what she will look like. Granted I still have a ton of work to do. Deadline to be finish is the 26th of the month.
  7. Other than the shock mounts the rear is all linked up and working great. I still have to finish the axle side track bar mount on the front and the passenger side shock mounts. Once I take care of those few things this will be ready to tear down and start and finish welding everything up. Then address the brakes, ABS wiring to the rear axle, exhaust, and power steering lines for the new gear box. Oh and to paint everything. Smithy should be here next week to help me setup the gears in both the front and rear axles. At that point I should be ready to start final assembly. Oh and I got my tires in today too!
  8. More progress pics. And before anyone says something lol. The truss isn't finished. The axle side tie rod mount isn't finished either. Still have a ton of work to do. Hoping to wrap up the front end this week so I can get started on the rear suspension by this weekend.
  9. This is exactly right. There are SOOOOOO many builds out there that have this problem. They ignore critical issues that need to be addressed that dramatically effect the way the truck handles. They just want it to "FLEX". They have no idea that there is so much more to a properly setup suspension than that. People say, "it's a trail rig so it doesn't matter". It does matter though. They just don't know any better because they've never driven or ridden in something that was build properly.
  10. Lots of people are not honest about what they really spent. Also lots of people hack @!*% together. Just because they can drive it doesn't mean it's right.
  11. Lots of people are not honest about what they really spent. Also lots of people hack @!*% together. Just because they can drive it doesn't mean it's right.
  12. If someone thinks they can do this for less they are fulling themselves or it's going to be one hell of a hack job. A leaf sprung sas is cheaper but once you get everything dialed in spring rate wise (front and back) and get the steering, driveshaft, gears, brakes, lockers, pinion angle, and caster setup properly, exc... you can still expect to be well above $5000. And that's without upgrading factory parts to much stronger after market parts. $200 here, $500 there, that adds up real damn fast. Buying a built rig isn't really as good of a deal as one would expect either. In about 90% of every case I have ever seen, buying a used rig results in thousands of dollars worth of reparing neglected/abused parts and fixing bad work. The really well built rigs tend to get parted out to help recover more of the money spent to build them and or the expensive parts are used on a new project.

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