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    Recently bought it.It's in overall great condition. Has been sitting so it'll need fresh everything. But everything works and its all original. Love it already.its a 4wd xe..i call it silver beige.y
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  1. Swapped out my 95 factory console for a 99 console.uca frame bolts haven't moved since they spoke japanese,but trying to get at the bushings. My camber is way off..centerlink patiently waiting.
  2. 15ish sounds fair..might be hard to find someone willing to buy knowing they have repair of the bat
  3. Theres suddenly 7/ 8 first gens either for sale or parting out relatively close..maybe Ineed a spare

    1. FirstGenFreak


      DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

  4. so good news bad news...column cover is in perfect shape...but not a tilt column...could probably cut the slot in it..but lewt me know before its gone
  5. its faster to say what i havent done..uca bushings and centerlink.will be a 90% front end rebuild.but my next sunny weekend will fixthat.
  6. All the screws are ofcourse on the inside but if you can look under and up behind the handle theres a hole where the plastic pin is.The pin sits on a small spring...alittle screwdriver or tool of choice should beable to pop the spring off its little mouint without causing any damage...it just sits on a little nub of plastic on the "backside" ofthe little hole...make sure itsnot locked..should be easy enough to do...goodluck
  7. there's an 89 d21 se with a blue column cover that looked quite good at my local pull a part..cigarette lighter looked fine too...thats a match to a 92 pathfinder right? Ican check on it in the morning if you think its what ur wanting.
  8. for the past month every free minute I've  had has been spent on suspension or steering...exhausting//but WOW// what a difference


  9. outer tierod end "popping" out was a bit of a let down...maybe a 1/4 inch jump out of the knuckle.However,being a first time ball joint /tierod for me Learned ALOT...

  10. one year from purchase before a mostly original XE gets the shakes..supension and steering fun ahead

  11. So 15 years later...I bought my 95 xe for 700 cash with 167k miles..couple dings and needing every bushing replaced but I think I stole it..
  12. What's up Kruppanier814 .I'm down the road in Lebanon.The members on here are as helpful and as knowledgeable a group you could hope to find.Welcome to NPORA.
  13. Appreciate the input.Think I'm going to hook up a relay and switch with a 15a inline fuse.The factory light wiring is ridiculously thin,not sure how it's lasted this long.maybe one day I'll go through and upgrade it all.
  14. True enough.Are aftermarket CV's noticibly different than what I believe are the factory originals?
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