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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I just got a 98 XE. It is in really good condition apart from a slight murmur at low rpm. Mechanic said it needs a refurbished ECM. This was after putting in 900 bucks for a fuel injector. So far she drives great, and cosmetically she is in good condition. I am currently having the AC looked at. California can get hot (not bad right now.) Anyone have advice for driving and owning a car this old? I'm a newb, but then again I did not grow up with a lot so I'm learning as I go. The tires are almost 6 years old but I'm trying to get some miles out of them until I can afford new ones. I'm just trying to push her well beyond her 143k miles. I see a lot of them that have gone well beyond that. Thanks.
  2. Hello all, I've been a lurker since the fall, having saved my red XE from the scrapheap (it drove to the crusher and they were still going to do it!) Anyway, I'm in need of some odd bits that my eBay searches have failed to reveal up to this point, and scrapheaps in the area haven't been very helpful. Cosmetic condition is not as important as functional condition to me. Grey curved plastic trim piece behind passenger rear door. I need the rear window bolts/caps and the balls that connect the lift struts to the rear glass. Mine is missing both (covered with tape). One (1) of the roof rail crossbars so I can mount a roof carrier.
  3. i have a 1995 nissan pathfinder that i have driven since around 2016. in fall 2017 the engine blew out so we replaced it with another motor, the same v6 the truck would have been sold with. has a new oil pan but mechanics left the dip stick in when replacing it so now it is stuck. this would be an easy fix as simple as dropping the pan and pulling the dip stick out. brand new AC compressor, brand new AC blower, an ehhhhh job on the speakers because i did them myself without much knowledge. one of my front wheels today however began making grinding noises which lead to a thump as i drove, almost rhythmically. im thinking its the hubs but im not a mechanic. the interior however is in great condition minus a small tear on a piece of the drivers side door armrest. The first engine blew at about 170,000 miles and the truck currently reads 210,000 miles with the new engine. the pant is okay its a bit faded in some areas and has had some quick touch ups that are noticeable up close. chips on the front of the hood. this has always been a work truck even for the original owner before me. ive driven this for food delivery since spring 2017. pictures for context https://imgur.com/a/vmeMdlo
  4. New on here I'm trying to post a picture of my Pathy. But glad to see the community grow and grow.
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