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  2. im saying its a Ball joint issue...Shims should take care of that
  3. Ummmm....nismo you should have explained it better C'mon man...lol
  4. Either bend or welded back on off square..?? Hard to determine without being there with you looking at it...?
  5. Nah, it all depends what you plan to use the truck for... seemed like you went this direction because you are now using the truck for other types of wheelin.? anyways i do like how it sits now.!
  6. thats what happens when things are ghetto fab...lol If you know what your doing it is perfectly safe...cut, inner sleeved, welded =SOLID...I seen it on TV so i think im good to go now...
  7. I believe it is a Rodeo not Amigo.? I could be wrong
  8. Nothing was out of the normal...so I'm going to go hydro assist
  9. Went and drove the 2012 frontier...nice truck but I am still up in the air...the 4.0 has lots of power

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