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  1. I've started to notice a light "clunk" when accelerating from a complete stop or when getting on the gas from a slower speed. I did some searching around in the forum and saw that people tend to attribute the clunk to either bad motor mounts or bad trailing arm bushings. I checked to see if my engine jumps up when I gas it in gear and there doesn't seem to be a big movement in either the engine or transfer case shifter. I did, however, get under the pathy to check the rear arms and the bushings look pretty typical for what I imagine a 20 year old truck would look like. I am able to grab the control arm in the middle and twist it fairly easily like I'm twisting the throttle on a motorcycle. How much twist would be common with new bushings? I'm curious if my current bushings are within normal spec because I don't seem to get much wobble or instability at higher speeds. Anything else I might be missing?
  2. Thanks. Turns out I have plenty of fluid, but your post gave me another possible source of a malfunction. If the switch on the lever checks out ok then I might wanna check that brake fluid reservoir sensor.
  3. I have an '02 with the parking brake indicator in the dash always on. I've confirmed that the brakes aren't engaged. I'm assuming the switch is probably stuck where ever it is typically activated. I'm having a hard time finding info on where that switch is located. Is it at the brake lever assembly? Just curious if anyone has some insight and advice on where to look first.
  4. Hello all. I'm from the PDX area of the PNW. I picked up my stock '02 R50 in 2019 with around 72k miles on it from one of those seemingly sketchy used car auction flippers off of craigslist. This is my first 4x4 and second Nissan after owning a 2000 Frontier for the last 20 years. Feels weird to not have a truck bed but I'm getting over it. Anyway...I love the Pathfinder. I took it to the Browns Camp OHV park with my buddy and his stock 4runner a couple weeks ago and I know it's cliche at this point to say but I was amazed at what this thing can do in it's stock form. My buddy and I are going to start modding our respective trucks gradually and I'm hoping to document the jobs with video/pics. I've already learned a ton from this forum, so thank you!

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