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  1. I do the same a couple times a year. Im trying to make it a habit of checking everytime I wash mine.
  2. as long as you dont use your shocks as limiting straps you'll be fine.
  3. Yup, we have those here. Not a bad visual deterrent.
  4. Project Pathfinder blew its trans on the Mojave Road this weekend.

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    2. 5523Pathfinder


      I don't remember a external trans cooler being installed. Was there one?

    3. 92Path_68CJ


      Good question. I will have to look next time I got out there. It was very cool out when it went, and it had been sitting for a while, so it surprised me.

    4. 92Path_68CJ


      Has a trans cooler. Guess I forgot. A new rad and an e-fan conversion was already its its future. The stock 93 radiator can't hold its own in 100 degree summer heat. When we get there we'll see about a new trans cooler and maybe a temp gauge.


  5. Been done a few times. All custom work. The more you can do the better. Otherwise its all about the $.
  6. Not stock, but 31 inch BFGs, automatic, about 2500 @ 65.
  7. Not a clue. Got lucky and bought it done. I think a couple members have done it themselves though. Try searching or starting a thread on it.
  8. http://www.motoiq.com/MagazineArticles/ID/1298/Project-Pathfinder-Part-10-How-to-Build-the-Nissan-VG30E.aspx The VG33/VG30 hybrid has been referred to as the VG34 by the PO of my WD21.
  9. I agree. Very happy with what I have, though its a little more built than that.
  10. I'm passing smog in California with cams, Doug Thorley headers. pistons, bored block. new ecu, etc. It can be done.
  11. For the record, I got ahold of theexbrit. He said the bumper has held up well. A couple braces were added between body and bumper to stop lateral movement, but it works great and the approach angle is much nicer with this bumper. Thats what I got for ya.
  12. Nice. I have some interior parts but I think most are light grey, not dark. Down the road if you need anything small and interior related send me a pm. I might have some things.
  13. They add nice lope to the idle, and seem to add a bit of overall torque. (Figured I should add what they even do.)
  14. My pathfinder has the NISMO #2 off road cam set, but Im not sure these are available anymore. Ive been happy with them.
  15. The VG34 brings these WD21s to life. My opinion if you want to get more power out of it would be to engine swap or build the engine. I drove a stock WD21 for many years and I never had a problem with it unless we loaded it with people.
  16. I completely understand. I'm studying to be an automotive technician and getting ready to rebuild my CJ. I just hate dealing with glass at the end of the day. I've pulled windshields and set glass a couple times. I find it way more stressful than most other r&rs.
  17. You couldn't pay me to install my own windshield on any of my vehicles, not even my '68 CJ that's basically a trail rig right now. Seems to make more sense to pay a professional.

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