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  1. As I stated, I'm looking to get away from a computer. The reason I'm looking at the 4.3 isn't b/c of the 160 hp. It's b/c with minimal effort it can be around 300 lb-ft. If that block goes bad, I can pull the intake and heads, put them on another block and still be at that 300 lb-ft.
  2. I'm simply attempting to eliminate the need for a computer as much as possible. The 87-95 4.3 came with TBI, which I can replace with an Edelbrock intake and 4bbl carb. I chose the 4.3 b/c of availability and baseline hp and lb-ft.
  3. It is something that I might look at again later... With a late model 87-95 4.3 I can get 160hp 235lbft. I can also change the intake and swap out the TBI for a carburetor and get rid of the computer.
  4. Due mostly to all the necessary custom work involved. I'm not in a position to undertake something of that nature.
  5. I haven't looked for the sticker, but I do know it pulls pos just from playing on gravel roads.
  6. Yeah, I forgot put head work, but that's what I thought. Rough guessing, after all that would put it about 190ish hp and 220is lb-ft?
  7. It seems that the only way to pump up the power on a VG30E w/o adding turbo is remapped ECU, headers, air filter and exhaust. Is that about correct?
  8. After researching... definitely not going that route!
  9. In my research of my 91 pathy, I noticed that nissan used a detroit locker on some models, Is there a way to tell if mine has one other than taking the cover off?
  10. I am interested in putting a 4.3L v6 into my 91 pathy. The primary reason is because I doubt I'll be able to get the HP and Torque out of a vg33e conversion, unless I put a truck load of cash into it and then I'm not sure it will be as cost effective as just converting over to a 4.3 The vg33 is rated at 180 hp and 202 lb-ft. The 92-94 L35 4.3 is rated at 200 hp and 260 lb-ft I know I'll need to swap out the tranny and the transfer case I guess my question is, is it feasible?
  11. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/9142-poor-mans-lift/
  12. I'm curious to know what suspension is being used and what other "mods" it has
  13. I am thinking of putting 31x10.5 on 16" wheels but it seems like a wash for weight. the 16's are 4 lbs heavier than the 15's
  14. Is there any benefit to with 16" or 17" wheels over 15" wheels?

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