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  1. As I stated, I'm looking to get away from a computer. The reason I'm looking at the 4.3 isn't b/c of the 160 hp. It's b/c with minimal effort it can be around 300 lb-ft. If that block goes bad, I can pull the intake and heads, put them on another block and still be at that 300 lb-ft.
  2. I'm simply attempting to eliminate the need for a computer as much as possible. The 87-95 4.3 came with TBI, which I can replace with an Edelbrock intake and 4bbl carb. I chose the 4.3 b/c of availability and baseline hp and lb-ft.
  3. It is something that I might look at again later... With a late model 87-95 4.3 I can get 160hp 235lbft. I can also change the intake and swap out the TBI for a carburetor and get rid of the computer.
  4. Due mostly to all the necessary custom work involved. I'm not in a position to undertake something of that nature.
  5. I haven't looked for the sticker, but I do know it pulls pos just from playing on gravel roads.
  6. Yeah, I forgot put head work, but that's what I thought. Rough guessing, after all that would put it about 190ish hp and 220is lb-ft?
  7. It seems that the only way to pump up the power on a VG30E w/o adding turbo is remapped ECU, headers, air filter and exhaust. Is that about correct?
  8. After researching... definitely not going that route!
  9. In my research of my 91 pathy, I noticed that nissan used a detroit locker on some models, Is there a way to tell if mine has one other than taking the cover off?
  10. I am interested in putting a 4.3L v6 into my 91 pathy. The primary reason is because I doubt I'll be able to get the HP and Torque out of a vg33e conversion, unless I put a truck load of cash into it and then I'm not sure it will be as cost effective as just converting over to a 4.3 The vg33 is rated at 180 hp and 202 lb-ft. The 92-94 L35 4.3 is rated at 200 hp and 260 lb-ft I know I'll need to swap out the tranny and the transfer case I guess my question is, is it feasible?
  11. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/9142-poor-mans-lift/
  12. I'm curious to know what suspension is being used and what other "mods" it has
  13. I am thinking of putting 31x10.5 on 16" wheels but it seems like a wash for weight. the 16's are 4 lbs heavier than the 15's
  14. Is there any benefit to with 16" or 17" wheels over 15" wheels?
  15. From the information I've gleaned from this site, most people swap out the VG30E long block for a VG33E long block.
  16. Mechanically speaking... does 90 through 95 fit for those years? Like suspension, transmission, engine parts, exhaust. Things mechanical?
  17. Yes it is true that the principles are the same, ie; the crank turning causes the pistons to move up and down the cylinder walls, but that is pretty much where the similarities end in comparison to a pushrod motor.
  18. I very well could be making a mountain out of a mole hill. I literally know nothing about these motors. This is my first Japanese vehicle and I've had it a week.
  19. Where can I buy a rebuilt VG33E long block. I looked online and was able to find two manufacturers, PROFessional Powertrain and Engine Guru. Anyone know about either of them?
  20. Am I understanding this correctly... A VG30E bored 30 over is a VG33E?
  21. No, you're correct. I am wanting to keep it relatively stock and I'm not actually talking about the vg34. I am however interested in having a built vg30, which as I understand would actually be a vg33 once I get done with it. Admittedly, I'm pretty much a layman when it comes to japanese vehicles. Another things I"m wondering... is there a business that builds japanese motors or is it something I will have to do myself?
  22. Buying it already done would suit me... but to be honest. I have no idea about the price ranges of something like that. I should have about 7 k or so, this spring for my engine.
  23. Now see, that's what I'm looking for... What kind of price range is something like that? I will be building/buying something to put in my 91 this coming spring, whether it's building my vg30e or buying a vg33e and modding it. Either way, I'm going to pump up the volume on my pathy.
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