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  1. This is awesome! I'm buying a set now! This is something I needed but didn't want to bother with another set of sun rotten ones. Thank you for making this happen!!!
  2. No I did not. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  3. Awesome!!! You should be able to copy and paste the link here, it may not play on the page but at least we can navigate to the video. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  4. So how are you gonna attatch the ALH to the Nissan trans? Is there someone that makes an adapter plate? Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  5. I agree, I have a 2001 jetta with 340,000 miles, I like the engine a lot. Seems that with a tune, tubo and injectors you will be well over the HP and torque of our pathfinders even with a VG33. What is your plan for a transmission?
  6. What TDI engine are you hoping to swap in? The one that came in the diesel pathys or are you thinking of using a VW ALH 1.9 or somthing?
  7. According to my 1992 service manual, the VG30E 4x4 came with 4.625 in manny tranny, and a 4.375 in the slush box tranny. Rear diff is a H233B, front is a R200A. The manual also mentions gear ratios for the KA24E, Front Diff is a R180A and with the rear being a C200. This model used a 4.111 gear. Hope this helps, that is about all I know.
  8. I am going to order a set hopefully also, I messaged the seller he gave above and asked about the rears, he mentioned he does not sell them but he has had people simply cut them shorter to fit.
  9. Just making sure, you hooked up the EGR tube to the new headers. It sounds like you did but it isn't clear. I don't think your O2 sensor would make a difference in EGR function. Unless it is now too close to the Heads and it is picking up a false reading. Which I am not sure is even possible. It is all the same air no matter where you pick it up.
  10. Awesome that's good to hear. I wouldn't want to over boost my truck, I just want to keep the reliability, increase mpg a tad on my 200mile highway drive I do often, and bring the power up for towing and wheeling,. I wouldn't think I need to put near 15psi down if I want to maintain reliability on a stock vg33 bottom end. I was just thinking about a remote turbo yesterday, I'm a bit worried about submerging it on water crossings and stuff. my brother and I were looking yesterday and think the passenger side might be a nice place to put everything, I can relocate the battery to the back, then I don't worry about the brake/clutch master, getting around the front diff/drive shaft. Just need to figure out a wrap around tube from driver to passenger and where to mount an intercooler since I have the ac condensor and winch bumper to contend with. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks for continuing to manage the website and improve on it! I am very happy to have this resource around. Thank you so much for all the work you guys put into it!
  12. Snowboard. do you think your injectors are large enough to go in a 3.3 with megasquirt and a turbo? I am having a hard time finding compatible injectors. I am glad to know that you subaru injectors fit and I can simply rewire the harness to make them work. I am just worried they may be too small if you are topped out on the duty cycle. (Although I may never run E85) So maybe that makes them large enough for me.
  13. yeah that is a good point. I am worried it will eat up some fuel mileage having a S/C for normal highway driving. I wonder if I can make the supercharger work with all of the 3.0 accessories and pulleys, I used a Mr,510 adapter so I wouldn't have to use the 3.3 accessories. I definitly feel like a S/C would be easier than having to reroute exhaust and finding a spot for the turbo to sit.
  14. did you also get that other hole plugged? I am sure you did, but if not, I ended up just welding a cheap socket into the hole. found one that fit, welded it in and filled the 3/8" drive hole. Sucks about the exhaust leak!! ive had mine work its way lose and blew out a gasket on the drivers side. changing it wasn't to bad.
  15. I bought the headers about 3 years ago, and also bought a second collector last year because I bent mine on a rock. They both came flanged. just slid it onto the two header pieces and bolted it up. I remember it taking a bit of bending or prying to get it to line up right, just due to it being aftermarket and stuff on my pathfinder being bent or what ever. but still went together easy.

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