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  1. Just Rebuilding everything from the headgaskets up. +1 or swap in a low mile vg30
  2. 400k Miles, very nice. Start with a compression and leakdown test to confirm the problem. At that mileage she may need a full rebuild but if the bottom end is fine you may get by with a top end rebuild. I did mine with parts from rockauto almost entirely except for a few gaskets I got from nissan. Also would suggest having your injectors cleaned, I used Injector Specialists in Colorado . Great service and good price compared to new or reman.
  3. When I replaced injectors a few years ago I had the same issue, It has been a while so the memory is foggy but iirc I fubared one of the injector o-rings or dident have something seated properly so the fuel rail was just dumping fuel into the intake manifold.
  4. That's the spirit, Its already F#*&@% so what are you going to do perhaps F it up worse big deal. I re attached all the coolant lines but ordered all new ones and still had to go down to napa an rummage through their wall of coolant hoses to pick one or two out, I purchased a large piece of gates heater hose to replace the crankcase vent hoses. Blocking the EGR should not cause any runability problems unless you have to pass emissions, even then if it was blocked and all the equipment was there you would probably be ok. Distributor should pop out , just the one bolt holding it in . If you end up needing any top end bits or pieces I have some misc odds and ends laying around.
  5. Well the way i look at it its already f*cked up so worst case its still f#ed after your done. Best case you learn something and have a sweet ride after your done. There is a link to the factory service manual somewhere on here, if you find it download it and save it as they are not always around. I have rebuilt a few VG's in the last couple years so feel free to hit me up with any questions. Dont let the head gasket intimidate you its all nuts and bolts just takes proper procedure. If you end up pulling the heads ABSOLUTELY replace the exhaust studs as they are very prone to breaking, and you will more than likely break a few or more removing the exhaust manifolds. If you have the time and tools available drill and tap the holes out for larger 10mm studs found on the vg33. Dont forget timing belt, water pump, and all that. Also genuine Nissan Exhaust gaskets are far superior to anything aftermarket i have seen but they are a bit spendy. And there is a place you can send off your fuel injectors to have cleaned and tested for something like 20 bucks each, cheap insurance if you ask me. +1 on this if your on a budget. I have easily spent north of 500 to 700 to do a budget rebuild but that included a bunch of bottom end stuff also. Hop on rock auto and price out everything you need to see what direction to go. I have personally measured and reused headbolts on my rebuilds with no issues thus far, Not saying its right but i am cheap. Better yet swap a junk yard motor in and take your time to rebuild the one in the truck now if you find any major problems.
  6. Not sure i understand this test, The compression tester has a schrader valve in the end of it and should not leak once it is up to pressure. Not true, The lower intake manifold does have coolant passages so that could be your failure, I just went to the garage to double check because I couldn't recall. +1 on all this , Run a regular compression test cold, if you find the offending cylinder with the steam cleaned plug and compression is good then remove the schrader valve from your compression adapter and apply compressed air to that hole, see if you have bubbles in the coolant. if you do than it is a headgasket failure. If no bubbles than there is a possibility of the lower intake manifold leaking, which would be much easier to do. And make sure you do a compression test on all 6, even if you find your coolant leaking cylinder earlier, would be a shame to do a bunch of work like manifold gaskets, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, headgasket etc, Only to find our you have a bad intake valve. I learned the hard way on my 91.
  7. I only ran them that hard for a short time before turning the tune down for just that reason. But I have a box of goodies in the garage that should eliminate that problem. Project is still in the works but should be coming together in the coming weeks.
  8. Whatever the difference in ride quality the poly bushings are so much easier to install. You will thank yourself for buying them. I did the oem style once and will NEVER do that again if I have a split poly option.
  9. When I did mine I drilled through the rubber all around until I could get the center section out. Then cut the outer shell with a sazall. It was a pain. Absolutely go with the energy suspension replacement bushings, I believe you leave the outer shell from the original bushing in the frame and these fit inside. Just burn the remaining rubber out with a torch.
  10. Careful after all that brake clean, go to crank and whoosh . Fire
  11. You should do a volt drop test on the starting circuit. Take one meter leed to bat pos, other leed to the crank signal wire on the starter. Have assist crank engine. Meter should read less than half a volt .5. If it is up in the 1-3 volt range or more the problem is not the starter. Repeat same test for the main power cables . Bat pos to starter pos . And then move leads to bat neg and starter housing. All meter readings need to be taken while cranking engine. Pull fuel pump fuse so engine doesn't start. And dont get yourself runover. If it doesn't make sense let me know and I can explain
  12. Still pounding on it. I turned it down quite a bit as it's my only vehicle at the moment. Added a catalytic converter to help with the raw fuel smell. But she is doing well.
  13. The injectors in this would more than likely get you well north of 15psi on gasoline. I think most Subaru side feed injectors will fit with minimal if any modifications. But I have not had a chance to try any. A remote turbo could be a really good option for being able to keep all the engine accessories. Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk
  14. That sounds like a PITA, not sure I would want to buy them, or anything from Schneider. Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk
  15. I would be interested in buying the regrinds off you if you don't want them any more. Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk
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