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  1. Ive been researching the forum for a RH rear door "belt weather strip window" replacement. Thats the on on the bottom outside of the window on the door. Mines all rusted . Ive tried to use all the part numbers supplied with no results. Help is appreciated. Ill take picture tomorrow of it and post. CalvinM.
  2. Ive had my 91 from new,Through out the years every time I get that symptom its the starter, next time give the starter a whack then see if she kicks over. When was the last time you changed the starter? I have to change starters about every 5 years.Ive also had to kick start mine, but lotta times a good whack could do it if it is a starter problem.
  3. Ive looked into the top of the radiator and the coolant is still topped up and green color from the antifreeze. Also the oil is still clear and not overfilled. Same thing this morning lots of white smoke the first half mile or so, then its gone after warm up. If I park for a while ,say go shopping and drive again no smoke.Overnight i guess either water or oil leaks past the rings & into the cylinder or down a worn valve guide maybe.
  4. Hi board members My 91 Pathfinder WD21 has a lot of white smoke in the mornings after about a half a mile the smoke is gone after warm up, and very little if any for the rest of the day until the following morning. PCV valve ok. Not losing Coolant , not much oil usage .I have 125,000 Mi on her. I suspect a valve problem. How much can a valve job run me. Any input is appreciated. Thanks Calvin M.
  5. Hans "Good News" I found one at Car Quest , Its not an original part its a Car quest brand also Dorman makes one too and cheaper than Car Quest. Thanks again for the offer, I appreciate your offer to help. Calvin Honolulu, Hawaii
  6. New or used is ok, I really appreciate it. its the small curved hose that goes from the PCV Valve to the crank case. Thanks for the help. My email is Silvac018@hawaii.rr.com. I have a paypal account also. Thanks Calvin
  7. Hi Im trying to the molded curve breather hose for a 91 Pathfinder SE 3.0L If anyone knows where I can buy one can you please let me know. Im having a heck of a time trying to find one.If I try to bend one it kinks cutting off almost all of the air. Thanks Calvin M. Honolulu Hawaii
  8. Hi everyone Im having hard time finding the molded breather hose that goes from the PVC valve to the crankcase. If I try to bend a straight hose it kinks and cuts off air flow. If anyone knows where I can get a replacement please let me know. Ive tried all over. Thank You Calvin M Honolulu, Hawaii
  9. Thank you very much for your help, Courtesy Nissan Parts had it for $44 RH side and they said it also fits "96" so I crossed it on ebay and found a good used pair for $45. thanks again. Courtesy looks like a good parts store ill keep it on my list. Aloha Calvin m
  10. Hi guys does anyone know where I can order new hinges for the rear lift glass.I think they were made of some plastic and on right side split open. looks like there was a roll pin across the inside of hinge. Thanks

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