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  1. When my '96 had similar symptoms it was found to have a crack in the MAF sensor housing .
  2. I have the Power Stop kit from Rockauto on my '96 with 32" STT's , slotted rotors and pads come with the kit . I also had new calipers installed at the same time but only because the stock ones were going on 16 years old . There is a large difference over stock braking power and 15" wheels fit fine .
  3. I seem to remember someone here fitting 35"s with a 2" AC lift , there was lots of cutting involved IIRC .
  4. I like it . Look's like my '96 and my '02 had a baby.....
  5. Check the strut towers for rust , especially if you're in a state that uses salt or brine in winter . When you drive it , get it on a road where you can get it over 50 , if the rear end feels odd over bumps or other changes in the road surface , "twitchy" kinda describes it , it may need rear control arms (bushings really) . 3.3's , not sure what year's but definitely 96's , had issues with the exhaust manifolds cracking . If you see "smoke" it may be cracked or have been improperly replaced at some time . If all else is good the only deal breaker out of these for me would be rusty strut towers .
  6. When you start replacing suspension parts don't forget the rear upper and lower control arm bushings . Use the poly replacements , you'll feel the difference right off the bat .
  7. AC 2" coils + AC 1" front spacer , Bilstein 5100 shocks , KYB GR2 struts , 32x11.5x15 Cooper STT's on Pro Comp 15x8 steel wheels with 3.75" backspacing . Upper and lower rear control arm bushings were shot and replaced with poly bushings , didn't do anything for ride height but did wonders for the handling .
  8. There isn't any option to use other than stock length struts as far as I know , shocks can be had that will offer more travel . I like the Bilstein 5100's in my '96 but don't know the actual part number . Someone did post it here not long ago though . Follow Steve's instructions and use the proper hardware and you should be a happy customer .
  9. Not too long ago you forced Steve's hand and he had to post pics of how you used his spacers improperly . You took a simple application and monkeyed it up so bad that even a non mechanic such as myself could see a total lack of aptitude . You my friend , have been relegated to troll status , not to be trusted or believed .
  10. There are several options for a lift , depends what you want for ride quality and pricing , Most can be "mix and match" , and will gain anywhere from 1" to 6" usually in 1" increments (as a general guide , every truck is a little different) . The higher you go the more expensive pretty much , Fleury's spacers are the best budget option that I see for up to 2" . There are about 3 choices in ride quality , stock , medium stiff , and STIFF (AC coils) . A friends kid had 20's on a '98 , I'm not sure of the width but I know he had to use wheel spacers and still had some rub . He had no lift and the wheel wells were filled up , I doubt there was much room for any flex off road . I can probably find out what sized tires it had but not until next week sometime . What sized tire you can fit on yours will depend on the offset of the wheels or size of spacers if used , and how much lift you do .
  11. So I'm driving the "new" 2002 SE now , and one thing is a bit of a PITA . The drivers side front window has the "auto" thing where it will go all the way down or up on it's own depending on how you actuate the switch , as does my '96 . Problem is that the 2002 most often will go all the way up , but then opens itself again about 4" . This is a very sparsely optioned SE and doesn't appear to have any memory options as I can tell . Is it something replacing the regulator might fix ? Don't want to buy the part if it may be something else . My '96 never did this .
  12. A Hardbody at heart with a V8 and a Eclipse body . https://www.yahoo.com/autos/s/zombie-problems-craigslist-mitsubishi-4-4-answer-203037404.html Someone has quite the imagination !
  13. Yeah , I leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark this time of year . For the short term I think I'll look for a cheapo stick on light . Made it through DMV in 2 hours , a record ! Took a better look at the tires and got the heebie jeebies seeing how dry rotted they were , went and had 4 new 255/70/16 Fuzion SUV's put on . They're "cheap" but they may not be on long , they seem decent for the money and get pretty good reviews . Tire guy says the front wheel bearings are a little loose and the shocks are leaking , good to know and they were things I was going to have gone through anyway . My target was to find a 3.5 in decent shape for $5000.00 , I'm into this one for $3200.00 with the tires so it's looking pretty good .

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