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  1. I was really surprised that my sway bar was going to take out my diff breather when no one else has posted anything about this conflict (that i could find, anyways). If anyone else has run into this problem, please chime in. Thanks for the info @hawairish. I definitely need extended links now - can you send me any info on the extended OE links you make? I'm pretty sure I don't want to go through with installing disconnects - that's a bit too advanced for what I'm trying to achieve. @hawairish have you had any issues with the LR3 end links? You mention they may be a bit too long and hang down too low. It makes sense that keeping the ends of the sway bar horizontal (or as close as possible) provides the greatest stabilizing effect. Have you noticed this with the LR3 end links?
  2. This is my first time posting, so I first want to say a big thanks to all the members who share so much information. I searched and haven't been able to find information about a problem I'm having with my rear sway bar. I have a 1999 pre-face lift Pathfinder and I just installed a rear suspension lift. I used the land Rover LR 9449 springs and Bilstein 5125 shocks (33-185552). For a while now I've been running without a rear sway bar (the old end links were bad and rattled around).Along with the suspension lift, I decided to also reinstall the sway bar to help with stability. With the lift and extra downward travel from the Bilsteins, at full rear suspension sag (with jack stands supporting frame) the sway bar makes contact with the diff breather tube at the top of the differential. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with my sway bar - it's not bent or in any way obviously damaged and the end links are new. Has anyone else encountered this? The picture is after I noticed the bar was in contact, then I immediately lifted the axle some (breather tube was already off). I'd like to have the rear sway bar back, but obviously can't risk the rear diff breather. I've seen where several members are running with the stock sway bars with a similar lift setup, but most of these are post facelift models. Does anyone know if the geometry of the sway bar change post facelift? I know some things changed , including the shock mounts, so this could be possible. I just haven't seen anyone else with this problem. Longer end links would be a solution. Maybe the new end links I got are shorter. I don't have the old ones to compare. Does anyone have info on longer end links? Any ideas or help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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