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    1991 Terrano TD27 345,000 kms have had it since 2005. Midnight blue duco, intercooler, Desert Duelers all round, air comp in engine bay, installed a car fridge between the seats and upgraded the lighting in the dash to leds which I have a walkthrough of on my youtube channel (trulymeparker) Since owning this vehicle it's been through at least four sets of tyres all round and been all over W.A. As far south as the light house at Cape Leeuwin and as far north as Canarvon. Other places it's been to are Monkey Mia (x2), Kalbarri (x2), Geraldton (x2), Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie. Down south she's seen Albany, Dunsbourough, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River..practically everywhere in the SW and all over Perth. Phew, I'm exhausted. October 2010 - Installed leds to dash, front side lamps and interior lamp. 2011 - Car fridge went in. Works via cig socket. 2014 - New Sony head unit. Old one was trash, been there since I got the beast in 2005. New tyres went on. October 2015 - Alternator died, installed new 80 amp aftermarket unit. November 2015 -Installed voltmeter in dash and also have a pod mounted volt/in car temp gauge. New engine fan and leaky brake master cylinder cap replaced with new one. Dec 2015 - New 20 inch led bar mounted on front. March 2017 - She's past 333,333 kms. Yay. June 2017 - New front discs and new brake pads all round. Fixed leaky brake hose. July 2017 - Ordered a new thermostat and putting in a digital coolant temp gauge. I hope to make new handy how-to guides on youtube in the future. Remember, if in doubt, plant it and give it plenty of horn.
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Terrano R3m
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  1. Marvelled at the amount of extra crud I got off my mag wheels with a simple wipe down using atf and some paper towels. I went through several sheets of towel and got heaps of extra brown crud off. Amazing how it can look clean but there's still stuff clinging to the metal.
  2. I have a story about this same thing it's a bit gross just a warning so yeah my window sprayers were not working at all. Tried unplugging the hoses from under both sprayers, only a trickle of water came out. Poked the holes on the spray nozzles with a pin still nothing coming out. Then I check inside the actual tank and there's a dead cockroach in there. Don't ask me how the lil critter got into a sealed container. They just CAN! The tank, lines and window nozzles came out and went straight into a bucket of dish soap and hot water lol. The cockroach legs that had broken off it's body were stuck in the hose lines it was gross.
  3. This same thing is happening to my TD27. It idles fine upon start up at 750 rpm where it should be then after driving for around 4 mins it's idle is at 800 rom and if I put in P it shoots up to 1,000 sometimes even 1,100 it's annoying. I guess I'll try carby cleaner to eliminate.
  4. Some trans pans don't have a drain nut so unhooking the trans hoses at the front of the engine and pumping the fluid out with the engine running is the best way to do it unless you really want to undo all the bokts on the pan and replace the filter which is a PINA. As Slartibartfast has said installing a filter in the trans hose line is a quicker way of getting things done and plus you're going to be able to see if any crap is in there when you change filters.
  5. Get a long screwdriver and carefully hold it against the top of the water pump with the engine running. Watch out for the fan. Listen for any grinding noise. Grinding or bellowing = bad. Leaking= bad. Turn engine off. Mark one fin of the fan with black electric tape. Try spinning the fan. If that marked fin spins around more than once then your fan clutch is no good. Grab hold of the fan blades on the fan clutch and try to push it in and pull. Try to move it up then down. Any movement or knocking sounds means the interior seal is bad and you'll definitely need a new water pump and fan clutch assembly.
  6. Well after fitting new thermostat she's finally running at the proper temp. Every now and then I'm finding a few drops of coolant coming from the weep hole on the water pump. It's weird one day it's been leaking a few drops, the next day, nothing. I will keep an eye on it.
  7. Is it hot where you are atm? If so, that hiss sound is normal in hot weather. My Terrano does the same thing and in summer it's blazing hot in Australia. Maybe look into getting a new gas cap and see if that changes anything.
  8. Can't wait to install new thermostat and get my digital coolant temp gauge

  9. What? To clean the blower you just remove the glove box and you'll find everything behind there. It's all nuts and screws. If you have plastic behind that then that's very unusual. I'd grab my stanley knife and cut it open for access.
  10. I have this stuff for BMWs and it's a plastic reguvination spray. You just spray it on and walk away. It makes plastic look OEM with no oily residue and lasts a few washes before it wears off. It's really good on those upper bumper finishers. For the window rubbers I used armorall tyre foam I spray it on a rag first then wipe it on. Auto trans fluid works too although it's a machine oil.
  11. I was lucky with my alternator being a Terrano. The stealership didn't have any idea. He sourced a quote for $800 "and that's from Japan and IF they still make them." Was his words. So anyway I found a company in Melbourne on eBay that makes brand new 80a ones for $150 and 5 year warranty. That was 2 years ago and no issues.
  12. To stop the oil going onto your starter motor, cover the oil filter with some plastic bags while unscrewing it so the filter falls into the bag and any drips too. Then just leave it there for a few mins until it's stopped dripping then you can clean up anything else with a shop rag.
  13. The left side looks good, I checked the length carefully and can't see any cracks. I'm working on a budget so I'll have to leave the other brake line for another time.
  14. Ok thanks, I can get the hose from Nissan or another parts store I just want to try and save money by diy.
  15. Ok so I found it's leaking and will need a new hose. What's involved with this? Just undo the bolts, fit the new hose then bleed the brakes?

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