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  1. People always suggest using search to find the information they need but most of time the images are broken.
  2. I had to partially remove my dash to clean the AC blower because my model's dash has molded plastic that obscures the access panel for some stupid reason. I wasn't able to remove the steering wheel because of a stripped screw and so I was forced to leave it in place which has made life difficult. I'm now trying to put everything back together but it will not play nice and I am having a breakdown.
  3. Can't get my dash reassembled and I am getting very agitated..

    1. Slartibartfast


      Dashboards are always a PITA. What part are you stuck on?


  4. I replaced the headlight wiring with a relay kit as the existing wiring had melted. Now both headlights are working and they seem to be brighter. Also removed the front door trim and factory clarions. lol: Unfortunately I was frustrated in my attempts to clean the blower and resistors. For some reason there's a big piece of molded plastic instead of a metal panel behind the glove box... perhaps a 'feature' of the right-hand drive version? I'll look at it again tomorrow, might have to cut it away or remove the dash entirely to clean out the leaves before they start a fire.
  5. Guys, I removed my glove box today to clean the blower assembly but instead of finding the metal panel with 4 screws I was confronted with molded plastic that seems to be attached to/part of the dash.... I tried to figure out how to remove the dash but have not had any success... I think i need to remove the trim that covers the demister vents so I can access the screws underneath but i'm finding it really difficult. I've popped the clips along the front edge of the demister trim but it still doesn't want to move. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Are you sure you were on the compression stroke when you found TDC?
  7. I have this problem on the '92 I just bought. Thanks for the info
  8. haha, it might if i ever find myself with the spare cash to throw into it
  9. Hello everyone, I found this forum thanks to a post on another forum by 'Dan the Pathy Man' - I was looking for information as I just bought my first car! It's a 7/92 Pathfinder Ti, 3.0L auto - only 180k km on the clock ('bout 111k miles). Has a bit of hail damage and a few other minor issues but in pretty good condition considering it's almost 25 years old. Looking forward to learning as much as I can from the forum. Lifted these pics from the sale ad: Cheers!

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