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  1. Is there any reprogramming for the transmission so you don't blow it up like the newer cars where everything needs to be adjusted for the engine?
  2. When doing this swap is there any programming for the transmission and will my vg30i computer run the trans? P.s. If I did use the ecu from the xterra will that run my vg30i run or no?
  3. What is the strongest automatic trans out there? I want to keep my crawler automatic. I have the l3n71b trans in it now and I love it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I just blow the seals in my trans to the point that it just drips out:( I know this is on the 90s pathy form but this is what I need. I have a vg30i engine and a 4n71b transmission. Can I put a 01/04 xterra transmission on it and make it a 4 speed not the 3 speed that I have. Or just rebuild the 3 speed and re install it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I don't have a clean work space so I didn't want to pull everything in my drive way do to its all mud lol. I will do it right this spring when it worms up and drys up also. I'm selling it anyways so I didn't want to spend to much time on it. I just want it running so i can sale it to my brother. thank for the help. I can do it in 3 hours tops unless something gos wrong lol
  6. I know this post is old but is there any pic on where to unplug the knock sensor harness? I found where the main harness plug is but cant locate the end of main harness where the knock sensor harness plugs in at. I found a wright up on it but cant find it anymore I read you can splice into the wire at main harness and add a ground wire to it and it will work but I would just like to plug and play so everything looks clean.
  7. I'll pick a 3 speed over a 4 speed auto or a 5 speed manual but that's just me
  8. check your fuel filter also if its clogged it wont put fuel out. Remove your the filer and put the line in a water battle and turn the key. If you have fuel then it could be in the injectors or in the line from filter to injectors. take your injectors back out and reinstall them and hook up the fuel filter and try to start it again. still if nothing then your problem is in the injector line somewhere. try to clean it out or replace them. if the injector lines are bad them you might have stuff in the gas tank that's making you have this problem. that's what I have to do on my 87 pathy before hope it helps
  9. I think you are on the wright track and just make sure you have .1- to 1.1+ on the camber. I would take it to a different alignment shop instead of doing it yourself bro. you wont get it how it needs to be and you will be fighting it the whole way. I just got done going throw it myself this week and it was worth the money to take it somewhere else. p.s. make sure your caster is the same and it dose not matter if its + or - they just need to be the same. I hope this helps you if it dose at all lol.
  10. I don't think they will fit bro they are diff years and models. They should have changed styles in 96 if i remember right but i could be wrong
  11. I took my pathy to big o and they called and said it's fixed. I'm going down tonight to get it so ill post what they had to do to fix it if it's fix at all lol.
  12. kingman is the 31.75 your stock ride clearance or is that with your lift?
  13. I talk to 4x4parts on this and they said to re spline the t bars before cranking them up so it gives you get the right ride clearance. I have not seen this in any of the post so I'm putting it out there.
  14. How high dose your guys pathy set when its setting level? Dose the front set higher or dose the rear? I'm setting on 31s with bigger coil springs in the rear from a jeep.
  15. I just got the same uca from 4x4parts and I have the same problem with my tires. I read every ones post and a buddy and I are going to respline the t bars like 4x4parts told me to do and start over again. I can't load pic do to my phone broke lol. I had some one tell me the uca are to long for the pathy? What do you guys think and have you fixed your problems yet?

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