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  1. Slartibartfast, thx for the diagram. I have no voltage to the white/red wire at the connector. Also, I have no voltage coming out of the ECCS on white/red wire. Any more pearls of wisdom? Time to change the ECCS?
  2. Thanks to the 3 of you who took the time to respond to my post and my sincerest apologies for taking so long to respond. As for your questions: fuel pump fuse was NOT removed, fuel pressure out of filter is 37lbs. As for the connectors, I removed the injector wires from one connector and plugged them directly into the other connector. Didn't help. No codes showing at this time. If I didn't shave my head I'd be pulling my hair out. Thanks again for all the help. Any more ideas would be appreciated so long as you don't recommend a grenade (like my wife). Dennis
  3. Hello, All. I'm new on here. My name is Dennis. My 1988 Pathy is the first Nissan I've owned. I really need help. I have a 1988 Pathfinder that was in limp mode and I retrieved a bad injector code. I replaced BOTH injectors and now she don't start. I can pour a little fuel down the throttle body and truck will run until that fuel is gone. PLEASE HELP. THX, Dennis.
  4. HELP!! 1988 Pathy TBI. Changed injectors now won't start. Could I have installed injector wiring in wrong 'holes' on harness connector? I'm new here and to Pathys so please rescue me, Heroes.
  5. Hello all. I'm Dennis, a Texan, misplaced in the Arctic armpit that is North Dakota (jk ND folks). I recently bought a 1988 Pathy. 136,000 miles 3.0 AT 4X4. She's my first, but can guarantee she will NOT be my last/only. Now off to get help in the garage. Ps new to forum of any kind so I hope I post this right!?!

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