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  1. Looking to make some progress on this soon I know my pathy wrenching is far and few between but I did end up going to the garage and getting it starting by giving that black/yellow wire a firm connection but it did get really hott, I'm hoping this is just from the last owner outing in a high gauge wire and it not supporting it, does anything think the hot wire can be a symptom of something else?
  2. Lol sounds a lot like what I'm going through, it's definitely jumbled up in there, you said I should just run that yellow/black wire right to the battery and see if turns? Also there is an alarm system under the dash that's a pretty big mess as well, is there anyway I could just remove all that while making sure I don't sabotage more.
  3. Did you solder a new wire to the ignition where the old one was soldered it did you just leave a small piece of black/yellow wire to tie to.
  4. Some more input on this from anyone would be great experiencing same issues.
  5. I feel like I have the same exact issue right now pretty sure my fusible link is a bad replacement anyway. Did you do this on your own?
  6. So I parked my 1987 Pathy in the garage because it was extremely loud due to the exhaust. It sat all winter and now it won't start I let it sit on one of those small chargers for a day or two and all my lights are coming the battery gauge and my dash is at 12v I'm just not getting anything when I turn the key, I noticed a fuse on the fusible link in my ignition wire was blown I tried to bypass it by just touching the wires but that did not seem to help, can anyone tell me if that fusible link on the ignition wire has to be there? FYI I can tell my steering column had been tampered with just not sure what do make of it, if anyone has any idea that would be great. Also sometimes when I would start I would just stick my hand in the jumble of wires in the column and wiggle until it would start, dosent seem to to work that way anymore.
  7. Yeah it was just a bolt, idk what all that duckbill talk was about but I took the bolt out slapped some shinny new smash washers in there and I still had a leak! Turns out it was a pin hole a couple inches down the line. I just took the line off wire brushed it and rolled in jb weld and held it vertical for a day so it would run down smooth, patched it up pretty well.
  8. Any other link to this subject that might help him fine tune it? I've heard of people swapping vg33 Accessories on a pathy.
  9. im havin trouble finding parts for my unit, Can anybody tell me where they go for OEM parts?
  10. Is this a dumb question? Can these not be found? I'd like a replacement before I tried to take the line off.
  11. Any takers on a place to buy the tool and/or the banjo bolt?
  12. So I took my pathy to a rainbow muffler (local shop) they said they couldn't find the banjo bolts or lines anywhere, can anyone point me in The right direction of some?
  13. my leak is coming right from the seal on the transmission lines, can somebody tell me how to remove these lines? What tool would be best perhaps? It is the seal on the transmission itself not the the cooler

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