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  1. honestly, when my ifs was still on i had the stock open, welded, and an ARB. save the money and get the ARB, trust me. you will love it, just don't drive stupid with it.
  2. Personally, i would have him cut off the round tubing, and start from scratch, give him a picture of a toyota trail gear one, start with a stinger, bring two tubes off of the sides of it, one on each side, and have them be gussets. have him tuck the bumper closer into the body of the truck. the closer it is, the better off. ohh and no light guards, unless they are bent around the lights, and with about and inch or so of room in between the tubing and lights. and i would personally have him put in a type of blinker into the bumper, weather its a standard cheepo one from napa, or an LED one. But keep in mind, that if you use the LED one you will need a transformer box for them to work right.
  3. Wanna be welder , homie im a professional welder it is what i do each and every day, i can weld circles around you and your welding. Don't pick a fight you can't win. And i was trying to let you know previously, that the 2x4 metal will not hold up. I hope you take this into consideration, and redo the cage. Like i said, you want a cage to last and hold up it has to be done out of DOM Tubing, anything less like HREW or gas piping will not hold up. I am sorry i sound like an ass, but trust me i know from experience. I have the DOM Cage interior cage done on my pathfinder hidden into the headliner, and pillars. I know it will hold. Please redo the cage.
  4. Dude i do have talent when welding, you will not be safe when you are riding in the vehicle, i have even asked some freinds of mine and all they say is when you do flop it, hopefully the only person in it is you, so no one else gets hurt. You are the tard that welded stright to the A-Pillar of the truck, that has no structural integrity now that there is no roof on the vehicle. you will not last on flop with that so called cage. You did not homework when doing this, you can't weld and you honstly from the looks of it shouldn't be driving... if you make something that is that bad, then you have no business behind the wheel of any vehicle.,
  5. I pray to god you don't even drive that on the roads, from what i can see, the welds on the "cage" look like a pigeon took a @!*% where you put two peices of metal together, i mean for gods sake at least run it down to the floor, plate it, and than take it to the frame with a butt peice on the other side
  6. dude i give you a moderate flop, not even a roll and the "Cage" will be crunched. Do it right, cut all the crap you put on it off, and build it right or don't build it at all. Youo most likely made it out of HREW Tubing and that's not going to hold up. I just finished my interior cage, 2" .250 wall DOM Tubing, like i said do it once and do it right so you can have fun, otherwise, don't do it at all
  7. I know most guys that run the solid axle up front, and run coils use early bronco 5.5" Lift coils. My question is can I use jeep XJ coils instead of the bronco ones? The reason I ask is that I have the XJ coils laying around, and was just wondering if they would work?
  8. Hey Guys!! Been a while since i've been on here, but i have a rather odd question. Does anyone know what the Fuel Sending Unit Ohms were in the 90-95 WD21 Fuel Tanks? Thanks John
  9. You actually could in fact use the rear axle for the front. You would need two steering knuckles from a Dana 60, Custom axle shafts made for steering, and if you really wanted to, you could re-tube the axle for the offset pumpkin, or you could leave it in the middle. I have seen a few yota guys do this, and they have no problems at all with it.
  10. there are four options, Lok-rite-rear only Detroit-rear only ARB-Front and rear Weld that bitch up-any open diff you want
  11. precise, that would be me. i got a 92 tranny, and well the gears are all interchangeable. there is a little bolt to the left of the gear, and it is a 10mm bolt head, un bolt it, and pull out the old speedo cable, you may have to twist it a little to get it to release. put the new one in, and bolt it in. your mechanic is a retard if he says that they're different.

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