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  1. Mine had a "delayed" reverse, then no reverse, then it totally fragged. It would shutter forward in reverse. I did the Xterra trans swap last fall with a used 2003, with the help of this forum (thanks guys!!). Even though it pretty much bolted right up, it is A LOT of work. I had to use the old speed sensor as the new one was a different connector. Works fine. I believe I needed to use the entire old harness too. As far as why, I believe the problem starts with a worn trans pump, then accelerated wear on the reverse band, maybe even a crap solenoid. I chose to just swap in a better designed trans from the Xterra. Make sure you measure the space for the trans cooler before you buy one.
  2. Love the Pam avatar!! Year and a half for me and my Pathfinder.
  3. Maybe a good check is to rotate your engine with the heads off and measure the distance each piston is recessed into the block. If you have one that doesn't come up as far, you probably have a bent rod. Heck, if you have the heads off already, you're more than halfway to be able to replace a rod. Good luck.
  4. Ok guys. Last year in November, in stop and go traffic, my Pathfinder started popping and sputtering in the intake and wouldn't go over 10 mph. Idled fine, and even seemed to rev ok in neutral. But as soon as I put any load on it, it would pop and sputter. I disconnected the O2 sensor (because it was easiest) and it ran pretty good thought not 100%. I drove it occasionally through the winter like that, and the most noticeable thing was the exhaust was really stinky (probably cooking the cat). I finally had time in May to look into it, so I connected the sensor to see what happens and it ran perfect. So I left it and kept driving it. Everything seemed fine until today when the same thing happened!! It runs perfect cold, but as soon as it warms up a little (probably until closed loop) then it falls on it's face. Unplug the O2, and drives kinda normal. So, it is temperature related somehow. Yes, the light is on, always... I haven't pulled codes yet. Im not sold it's the O2 sensor. Thoughts?
  5. Sorry to hear that, railstop. It's a bummer if you junk it, or if you fix it. I bought a 95 XE last year with a "delayed" reverse. Finally fragged and left my daughter stranded. Mine was a Colorado rig and has a decent body (and a great frame!) with a 3" body lift. I made the decision to replace with a used trans, but not another 95 or older Pathfinder due to chronic issues. I found a 2002 Xterra trans and transfer case in great shape. Pretty much bolted right up. Only needed a couple sensors swapped. Been running strong since. If you love your Pathy, take a look for a good used Xterra trans.
  6. Hello fellow Minnesotan! Another thought for the fuel issue: try pulling the fuel pump relay, and putting some unburned propane into the intake. A vehicle will run for a few seconds on propane. If it starts and runs good for a second or two, it's your gas. I didn't see on this post if the fuel pressure was checked. Low fuel pressure will cause a lean condition and cause you problems. Im not sure the spec, but I would guess 45 psi on the fuel pressure. I bet some of the other folks here know the pressure spec. Good luck.
  7. Hi all. I bought a 95 Pathy 4x4 XE about 2 months ago, and of course the tranny pooped out after noticing reverse was a little delayed. I have read on here Xterra transmissions swap right in. I found an awesome deal (I hope) locally, 160k mile Xterra trans, fluid looks good. But, I don't know how to identify the transmission. I did find a tag that says: JATCO CORP 4FX01 3720772 A little search on the google shows it as an old part number for the trans/transfer case unit but no ID otherwise. Any thoughts?
  8. You shouldn't have any oil on the timing belt! While you are in there, you probably need to change the camshaft seals and the crank seal to stop oil leaks. Be careful to not score the cam/crank surfaces when you remove the seals. The camshafts and crank sprockets have markings on them that match up with marks on the back timing cover, and the crank notch lines up with a line on the casting behind it. Sometimes the crank sprocket marking is hard to see. Good luck.
  9. I just saw this post today, new to the forum. I just bought a 95 XE here in MN (original CO, not all rusted yet), good to be back in the NIssans. I had a 95 SE Truck a few years ago, and I wanted an occasional driver/hunting rig. Glad I found this one! It's not without issues at 190k though. madhakish- you have another fellow Pathfinder driver near you! Mine is white with a 3" body lift.

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