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  1. Never mind the boy just sold it.
  2. Ok, found a 91 on CL and need some info. To say the least it's in ruff shape, but for the money they're asking is not bad ($700) The problems, that I know of right now: 1) needs a rebuild/ new rearend 2) the reverse is out (rebuild tranny) 3) guys said he's not a machanic when I asked if the PM work had ever been done. As of right now the mileage is unknown, still waiting on some info from seller. So what kind of work/money am I looking at on this thing? It already has a strike against it for me being an auto, I perfer a 5 speed.
  3. I thought my ears were burning ? Yes I do have one that I started building up. It still needs the steering linkage figured on robbing some parts from a honda, or another Pathy to build a long section. Also will need the pan hard drop in the rear. The part I'm not 100% on is the line up of the holes on the strut towers. They should be right, BUT I can't say they are until they are on. I had nothing to go by on the line up, & they blocks need to be finished as far as grinding goes. BUT I WILL WORK WITH ANYONE ON THE PRICE BECAUSE OF IT! Now to the qustion of can it be done, the answer is yes, but the question I started asking was should it be? If you are going to be on road 99% of the time, with no real wheeling in the other 1% the straps should do fine. If your wanting the most out of your rig a SFD is the better bang for the buck. Yes it drops the transfer case, so you don't really gain any clearance "at first" but it gives you the clearance to put bigger tires on, plus then your able to still run the 2" spacer blocks. With them you can gain around 6" of lift after the SFD, bigger tires, and then the strut blocks. It just depends what you want to end up with.
  4. Got in mind of building these to go on the spring perch to hold the jw springs from the link above Here's a pic from another thread on here, sorry can't remember who, it's in the R50 section. Gives an idea of where the sit, and how they work. Also gives a nice view of the pan hard drop I'm going to start in a few weeks. Feel free to ask questions, or give any thoughts on how to do it better. The pic on top is a SFD from krfabs. That's the one that got me to thinkin I could build my own.
  5. Figured I'd update where I'm at now Got my towers all welded up, got some grinding, and machining left to get them to finished hight. Not looking bad, for a first time build. Just hope I've got all my holes where they need to be.
  6. Yepper that's 3" ? The tower tube looks bigger cuz I had them stacked in the pic. Started laying the holes out for the plates on them today, going to have to go with a 4.5 center hole to fit my tube. Maybe over engineering, but would rather be safe than sorry. Once I get those welded up, I'll move to building the parts for the rear. It's a slow go, but I'm not in a hurry.
  7. OH, ALMOST FORGOT!! Big thanks to DustinP for all the help!
  8. Figured it was time to post what I've been doing. This is what I've got so far, all I lack on getting the front SFD kit finished is the strut towers. Hope to have them finished sometime this next week. Once they're done I'll start getting all the stuff built for the rear lift.
  9. I'll check it out first thing in the morning, all my stuff is at work. Thanks for all the info, what I love about NPORA. Everyone's willing to help if they can ?
  10. No, not enough to really to notice. The last was, last week...? That's why I was thinking ac drain line, but I'll check the other too. Can't hurt to check. FYI Sonic ice cream is half price today, I'm working on getting in shape! Round is a shape!!
  11. That really is a help, it gives me a place to start looking. I didn't clarify much at first, was preoccupied drying the stuff I had sat down there. Soaked my range bag ?!! Anyways, it's the passenger side floor board. Mat is dry, just the carpet is soaked. No smell of coolant, just water. Been running the act a lot, and have been on the road more the past couple of weeks too.
  12. Just noticed it today, but my floor is soaked! I done a quick search on how to clear the drain line for the AC but no luck. Anyone got any pointers. I can blow it out, but just need to know where it is.
  13. I've found a Carr EXP3 light bar on CL here, but it's coming off a Cherokee. I've looked, and can't find if it will fit the 99 pathfinder. Anybody got one, or know if it will?
  14. I have to agree with everyone else, the prices you got were outrages. All the parts I've replaced on my 99 have been factory parts, so after 14-15yrs it time to replace. The work your needing done isn't rocket science, a good backyarder can take care of it. (If I was closer I would ?) I've replaced most everything you've listed, and might have around 400-450 in all of it. That's also with parts that has LIFETIME REPLACEMENT. So if something does fail I've already paid for it, just save your ticket. I had a 95 that I talked myself into selling because of needing work, and want to kick myself ever since! I still see it running around. Anyway, that's my two cents, and if I can help feel free to PM.
  15. Sorry, what I ment was he raised his jeep higher! He was all ready at least 3" before. I think he's at 6" or better! If still has them I might can get a used set of lift springs.

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