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  1. I had Short Term Disability, but it's messed up because I had to burn 40 hours of vacation. And I was only allowed 2 weeks, due to no broken bones...and the week of vacation counted. Then only 2 appointments for physical therapy and no FMLA benefits. It's been a bad experience overall and I plan to take it out on the Personal Injury and Property Damage claims. You can call dibs on the bumper, but it comes with a truck attached. I don't plan to part it out. I may have to commute in it for some time....having a difficult time finding a commuter car.
  2. I have a laundry list....so I plan to list my Pathy for sale...and raise the price as I put sweat and money into it. I did a pros and cons list. I don't trust the strut front after 2 VERY close calls. That 33" tire drops in a hole and the entire truck tips that way. One I was VERY glad my kids weren't in...my dog hit the dash. My buddy behind me said he seen my front axle. I puckered...could have made a diamond. If I look at the cost of SAS, lockers...gears...etc...I'm way into time and money and think I can just buy a more capable vehicle at that point. I want to get an IFS front so I don't have any more pucker moments. Step 1) My front is leaking...looks like behind the pulley...not sure what it's called... Can I get to it without pulling the radiator? Yes...all offers are welcome at this point. I'm near San Diego. (about 22 miles east of downtown.) Also...what do yall think I should post it for costwise? Nothing like it...but it does need some TLC. I was considering $5k obo....? I had a lady try to kill me on 12/14/15...so I've been a bit out of the loop for the last month...back still isn't right, but doc says no more FMLA to pay for missed work for physical therapy...and all this kid did was show me stretches. Enjoy the "action" about half way through the video...I was on my way to work. Crash in San Diego on Rosecrans. - My Pilot Dash Cam
  3. Dunno about the location of that machete....right above your head when you open the liftgate. What if it bounces around...or isn't 100% secure?
  4. Doing this all yourself? Wish I had a plasma cutter and a brake. ...and a bender.
  5. I used this one. I don't run a controller, but I'm pretty certain that they splice right in. http://www.amazon.com/Valley-30109-Tow-T-Connector/dp/B000CBDONM/ref=au_as_r?_encoding=UTF8&Make=Nissan|67&Model=Pathfinder|893&Year=1996|1996&ie=UTF8&n=15684181&s=automotive&vehicleId=1&vehicleType=automotive
  6. Here's my height. Figured I would keep it on my thread.... My trailer queen Front Rear Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  7. I don't notice a difference in noise either. Your rig is looking good! Have you had the spare tire setup drag yet? I used to keep my D ring hitch on all the time....til I was trying to climb a rocky hill. I thought that I was bottoming out the rear axle. My buddy yelled for me to stop... I pulled the D ring hitch out and I went right up. Your setup sits farther back then my hitch.
  8. Trailer brake wiring.... Did you add the T-connector? When I added mine, I ordered the T-connector off Amazon...it plugged right in. Easy peasey.
  9. I have 226k, run 87 all the time. No pinging. Probably just all the additives CA adds. ...if you run 91, maybe that's why you ping???
  10. Looks great! ....I'm sure a few on the board will be taking orders.
  11. Fixed it for ya. Ford makes Explorers. Seriously, though. Have fun!
  12. Probably the only pic I have of rear flex.
  13. I thought the panhard bar stopped the axle from moving side to side. Allows travel in angles, but not from side to side. Street rods will use adjustable ones. I assume that's when using different axles and tire widths. The drop needs to be the same as the "lift".

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