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  1. From what I saw in the FSM i have 2 cam sensor. My mechanic changed only one. He saw one on the engine, check the catalog, saw only one listed, and concluded i have only one. I will change the second one and hope. Seems very hard to find out what the problem is. The sensor, the solenoid, sludge in the engine,clogged cats. The stories on the code P0011 and p0021 are for the most part very sad.
  2. I've been told that putting synthetic oil in the truck was a mistake. It could have glazed the engine and therefore burning more oil. The truck is not leaking, no oil showing anywhere. A problem with the timing gear is what the mechanic told me. So opening up the engine and go check it is their solution. Damn I have 176 000 km !
  3. Hey guys, I own a 2004 chinook pathfinder with 176000 km. Last month i experienced a sudden lost of power. I couldn't get over 60 kmh and couldn't drive uphill. SEL light up. So I check my oil level and found it dry! No oil was shown on the dipstick. I put oil in, go do a oil change and pull out the code. They were P0011 and P0021. The mechanic make me change the cam or timing sensor and told me that the problem can be solve by chanfing the faulty sensor or a complete timing job. The sensor is changed and the loss of power is still happening alomost everytime i take my truck, after maybe 30 minutes of driving. Often i shut off the engine wait for a minute and it came back allright. So do you guys have any idea what i shoulf do before taking the plunge and open up the engine. Because I don't think i will bite the bullet and do the job. Thank you
  4. So I 'll need spacers to make the tires fit ? Even if they are skinnier than the stock one ?
  5. I am getting 235/85R16 (31.7 inches) to fit my stock rims, and I wonder what is the smallest lift I can get to fit these tire ? I would like to go for the smaller lift to reduce stress on the truck. Thanks
  6. The noise is completely gone this morning. We have a heat wave today and no noise.maybe the mechanic was wrong about the balljoint.
  7. Just bought the truck few month ago so I don't really know.
  8. Maybe squeal is not the right choice of word... Here, listen for yourself http://s871.photobucket.com/user/maikan/media/20140130_1333521_zps6592735e.mp4.html
  9. that strange all you breaking because of the cold. I am in Quebec and we had -25 celsius for more than a week, even -54 with windchill on one day and no cars broke. Maybe a call to boost the battery but that's it. At -30 You start your car and 10-15 minutes later you can drive no problem.
  10. I have a very loud squealing coming from my front left balljoint. The mechanic said that i shouldn't drive with it until it is replaced. Is it true that it is more dangerous, because it can seize and snap off, than a loose balljoint. And before I search the forum for info about balljoint, can I do that in my driveway, or do I need to to pay a mechanic 300$ to take care of it.
  11. BTW is ther a difference between US an Canadian model ? My arb rep said only us model can fit arb stock
  12. Very articulated and very informed comment, thank you. I tend to think that it is a way to bring voters that aren't used to be around different culture and religion. cultural chauvinism There is less than 2% of the employees of the public system concerned by this law. Your point about cultural dilution is the knot of it, I think.
  13. Well I wanted to see how that was interpretated internationnaly and I see that it is internationnally controversial. I get that most of you don't want to talk about it , but we in Qc will have to vote for or against it soon enough so i wanted your opinion.
  14. Turbans were re accepted in soccer if they take out the piece of metal holding the hair inside the turban and wrap it in a kind of protective material I think. It's a touchy subject for sure, but we ll have to talk about in Qc to see if its the right thing or not. Democraty meaning is about that.
  15. Province of Quebec want to ban any religious sign ( hijab, niquab, burka, big cross, kippa, kirpan, etc...) to members of the public system ( schools, transport ministry, hospitals, etc ...) So can't wear you big cross to work, neither your hijab around your head. They say they won't back down when religious group will asked about accomodations for things like public pool only for women, no helmets for motorcyclist wearing turban or those on construction sites or else. Not that this was asked quite often, but they want to clarify that for all those immigrants that come here with strong religious beliefs. What do you think ? Is it racism to ban those with visible riligious sign to work in the public system, or the state really should be neutral, witout any sign from its members to be identified to religious group.

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