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  1. Banned for pointing it out again once the obviousness has already been established; thus earning the title "Captain."
  2. Banned for pointing out the obvious. . .
  3. Banned for naming "he who shall not be named."
  4. I wasn't driving, but the family had a maroon, 4-door Olds Delta 88 and a late-70's, 4-door green Toyota Corolla wagon with a stick shift. Looked like these, only much more beat-up since they had age on them when we had them:
  5. ^^Banned for getting the song "Come Sail Away" stuck in my head
  6. I hope South Carolina stomps a mudhole in A&M. I have nothing against the organization, but the fans are so obnoxious. I know several that have already started posting on Facebook and talking smack to me about how they're going to whip LSU in November, and I'm like, "Are you serious? A&M will be in good shape if they're 5-6 when they play LSU. . . " Anyway, I ban myself for multiple offenses - bringing up football, not banning the person above me, and for smelling of elderberries.
  7. ^^ Banned for not placing a large sum of dinero on South Carolina to cover the over against A&M two weeks from today
  8. ^ Banned for needing his honor defended. And also for representing my future - being bald. (I'm not too far behind you, bud)
  9. Banned for hating on thoroughness. And hating in general.
  10. ^^ Banned also for making me want to drink.
  11. I just bought some KYB's off a guy in the For Sale section that he had on his 04. He ran the trap out for me on fitment: Not sure if that answers your question, but that 5/8" less extension shouldn't be an issue except in the most serious of off-roading situations.
  12. ^Banned for not having a pic of the Triumph in your sig
  13. ^^ Banned for me having to Google that reference! "Look at the booooonnnneeesss. . . . !"
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