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  1. Whats a sfd? Sent from my LGMS631 using Tapatalk
  2. Hi i was wondering if anyone can remove the oil filter with out removing the plastic piece under the truck all the time? Just asking. Thanks
  3. Anyone have any issues with mice getting in? What did you do to solve it? Im thinking of getting moth balls. Thanks.
  4. I never have any luck with used engines. They say 60k on them but where is the proof?
  5. Ya I'm also gonna warm it up before I drain it. Probably run on it for a week and drain it again. Thanks you guys been a big help
  6. Ya I know but can't afford to get it done right now and it's just gonna be used locally not going far. I'm aware it may not last long either. But wanna get most of this milky stuff out too. Thanks
  7. So right now there's sealer in it for now. I'm changing the oil but what can I do to get most of the milky stuff out. I was thinking draining it refilling it with cheap oil run on it for a week and drain and refill. Any ideas
  8. I don't mind replacing the head. I hate to have it torn a part and finding out its the block. I'm willing to bet it's the head. Thanks James. Rock auto wants 466 for a new head. If it's the head is it better to replace both?
  9. Don't mind getting the head replaced. I was gonna see either or on head or block I wish I knew which ones cracked rather than paying someone to find out which. Best to put another motor? Said there's oil in the radiator and coolant in the oil. It's up to my sister since it's there car.
  10. Had it looked at and said either head cracked or the block. They won't know till it's torn apart. I Just noticed the oil milky now.
  11. I was just talking to my brother in law and he said it toOK over 20 mind for the thermostat to open up to get the water flowing. I'm just throwing that out there. I'm still gonna have a shop look at it.thanks again
  12. Thanks for the replies that's what I'm gonna do. I took it to a 76 gas station shop to look at it and they did test the coolant for exhaust or gas and didn't find anything and they also did a pressure test and nothing. I was there when they did it too. It's hard trying to find a good shop. But looks like I'm taking it again back. I'm gonna talk to the guy who looked at it cause this isn't right. I'm losing coolant Constantly.
  13. Seems like it's getting worst. I'm waiting for a Nissan thermostat in the mail. I'm thinking of changing the water pump.
  14. No white smoke. I fill the bottle up and it doesn't even last 2 days.

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