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  1. I didn't get any pics of the rebuild, I can take some pics of the work i will be doing in the shop Tomorrow. I am still looking for a local pathy that has all the bells and whistles i can fall in love with again. but no luck, found alot down south, but i dont have the time, or money for those right now.
  2. Hello Everyone out there! this is Urimashe! Its been awhile, so long as i thought I should reintroduce myself. you all met me when i was in school to become a mechanic at Universal Technical Institute. It has been... heck i think a few years now since my last post. I had a 1995 pathy when i was in Arizona, I loved that Truck, if anyone remembers the only thing i didn't like was the fuel economy as I was a starving student then. I regret selling her, I ended up with a honda that broke down 3 months after i got it, then got another car, it blue up in 6 months, then i got a Nissan 200sx. I sold that after i finished school, I blame the switch in vehicles on a Girl, always a girl that makes you make the biggest mistakes I think LOL. Lets fast forward a bit, After graduating and becoming a certified Ford Tech, I moved back to my home state of Alaska. I bought a Van i liked off my Friend, drove it awhile, All the while missing my first Pathfinder (a 1988 pathfinder, fully loaded with power everything, sun roof and the weird thing on the roof that held 2 fog lamps) I kept my eyes out for an old 87, 88, or 89, non popped up i could afford at the time, nor did any newer ones. I found alot of broken pathfinders that where spent, sad to see so many good vehicles just thrown away. I ended up getting another big van (a chevy g30, one day it will be a camper.) drove that alone with a dodge truck for awhile. again still missing a pathy. Now to the current day. This last summer, A friend of mine contacted me about a D21 he had that i really wanted. The engine was not running, and he no longer had the time, money, or wherewithal to continue the project. I Made an offer, $200 bucks and i would tow it away. Here She is, Or He, Have Not decided yet. No its Not a Pathy, BUT it does combine my love of the pathy and my love of trucks, AND my high interest in a higher MPG. Maybe I Could put a camper on the back and call it a Mobilehome Pathy? jk, jk. KA24E engine. The engine was out and sitting in the back, the Manual trans left inside, the cv joint has a torn boot, The driveline was missing its center support bearing. This truck was a mess.... I stripped the engine down, found the timing guides in the oil pan, I thought i wasted 2 bucks on this truck. but I did not let that keep me from having what I want, I stripped the engine, found the crank and rod bearings toast, at this point i was biting my fingernails. is the engine scrap? Closer inspection of the crank found that the pot metal used in the old guides did not harm the hardened crank, not even a scratch. A little light abrasive paper to clean the crank (nothing strong enough to hurt the crank, just enough to remove some hard gunk) the crank shined. undamaged, whole! I was ecstatic, I could continue this build Unhindered. I examined the old bearings, stamped on all the crank and rod bearings where STD (no not that kinda std!) standard! I ordered a new full set, While waiting for the bearings i stripped the head, found the aluminum head to be scored, rough, the screw holes stripping, I ordered a re-manufactured head, no time to waste! The bearings arrived, after the block was cleaned as much as i could with out tanking it, i threw in the bearings, the crank, Carefully placed strips of plasti-gauge on each crank bearing, torqued to spec, then removed. 2 digits away from the TIGHTEST factory spec! This KA24E is a beast, ate its own timing guides with out so much as wearing down the crank journals. with the arrival of the new head, and new timing set, as well as some OEM bolts and parts, I assembled the engine. taking my time to grease everything that needed greasing, torquing all the fasteners, a prayer, a few swear words, and a little blood, it was finished. But then there was a problem. HOW did my fiend get this engine out, the engine and manual trans has to come out as a set!, otherwise it wont clear the front diff! long story short, My friend pulled and pulled until it popped out. thank heavens it did not damage anything. Not willing to pull the trans, I did what any ford Tech does in this situation with a truck. I removed the cab mounts and lifted the cab, gaining clearance i needed to tilt the trans up, insert the shaft in to the clutch and lower the engine in with a few more swear words, an old man, and the sound of Dragonforce through Fire and flames playing in the background. It was in, done. to shorten this already long post. The engine went in, the rest of the components went on. My nails were down to the bone with all the nervous biting i went through to get this far, I turned the key, It cranked, IT FIRED! Sweet baby Rays its running! That is my new story, my new d21, My new daily project, and probably my forever truck. GOOD TO BE BACK!
  3. Life Soon kicked my butt. long story short, i had women problems. Then finished school, Had to move, and now i am back and settled in my home state of Alaska. I got a New project, I will start a new thread for that. a... new introduction so to speak.
  4. in about an hour, I will be doing this repair myself.
  5. alright, so I think I have a leaking manual tranny, ive been cheaking engine oil and its not going down at all. I have oil driping on to the exhaust pipe that runs under the engine and tranny, to me that seems like a fire hazard, do you all think its the tranny? or perhaps there is a pin hole in my rubber brake likes that squirt exhaust during hard breaking.
  6. I don't get why Nissan would want to put such a low ratio in the older pathys, the fact that they changed it in 97 makes me think they had a "My Bad" moment.
  7. Well your welcome to that. would a 97 vg33 4wd tranny fit a 95 vg30 pathy 4wd? or would it require some modifications?
  8. hey guys, quick question, 27-29 hundred rpm at 65 ish on the highway with 31 inch tires (235 are the stock size suppose to be on here) normal for the tire size? its a manual tranny, 4wd system, not engaged of course.
  9. according to my classes here at UTI the rear axle on most vehicles can fall out of alignment, it is rare for it to happen but it does happen, you might want to go in and get it checked out.
  10. Need a right up on how you did this! wish pics!
  11. ohhh, opportunity to steal this thread, I had a question about the steering wheel clock spring, My horn and my Cruise control buttons arnt working, my cruise control is lighting up on the switch, and I know my horn is making contact with the contacts behind the wheel, also I checked the fuses, no blown fuses, and i don't think the cruise control operaites under a relay? My guess is the clock spring? what do you all think?
  12. Found this video on youtube. thought it might be helpful for everyone out there. should be helpfull
  13. yea, its a cluster from a 95 like mine, only difference is it is a 2x4 manual pathy, mine is a 4x4. but from what I can tell, same gauge, right down to the screws in the back.
  14. So, I replaced the old gauge cluster and lock timer, new ones work, cept the new tach does act up only slightly, least it works 90% better then the last, what I am asking is, what parts usualy go bad on the boards, so when I volt test them, what am I looking for? im going to try and fix them both.

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