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What color is your Pathfinder?


What color is your Pathfinder?  

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  1. 1. What color is your Pathfinder?

    • White
    • Red
    • Green
    • Black
    • Blue
    • This Black/Silver Metallic Color
    • Other

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Mine's a maroon color, or "burgandy" maybe, but everyone calls it red, so I just checked that on the poll, stupid people influencing my decisions... hehe

what they all said (the ppl with not a red red but a "burgandy"

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i do believe the proper name for our red (the burgundy type) is cherry red. never heard the term "cherry" referring to this dark a color...but thats exactly what it says on my OEM tube of touch-up paint. so cherry red/burgundyish for me as well!

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Lets see here now:


One is Black with the white, Silver and RedNeck pin striping...


One is Grey with White Ford F-150 highlights that I almost got cleaned off, need to get it on the road and make it look like Filthy's


And the best one is Black with minimal redneck striping -bounce-


Can I vote 3x???


I do like the Forest Green and Champagne but they were not available as options when I have bought mine.....

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champagne w/ what my friend Sam refers to as "cat-scratches" ie the oddly shaped and colored decals on the front doors. I hated these when i first got my pathy but now I kinda like them. The same pathy w/o decals looks kinda boring.

Oh Yeah and I also have the "Sport" decal on the rear corners. Somedays I don't feel so sporty. B)

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