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  1. Found a 2004 tonight listed for 4300, only 81000 miles. Seems too cheap, no? I'll find out more tomorrow.
  2. came back today with a value of $4865 Plus they will pay the tax and title on what ever I replace it with. Seems fair enough as it is only $134 less than what i paid for it in 2008. Now on to the medical claim. Yay!
  3. They took the pathy away today to be looked over. It was a real bummer cleaning it out last night. I should hear something tomorrow as to what they are going to offer me. I'm getting psyched up to do battle with the adjuster.
  4. Thanks for re-posting the pics, I couldn't figure out how to do that myself. I noticed the same thing Nunya. That whole side is pretty mashed. There is about a 1/2" of clearance between the tire and the mudflap along with the alignment that you noticed in the pic. It is way more that the hatch. The area below the hatch is shredded and the frame on the drivers side is buckled just behind the rear tire. I'd be surprised if it wasn't totalled. I'm bummed becuase even though it was old it was a solid reliable truck. I have no doubt that the pathy saved our lives. Every time I look at it I just imagine the carnage if we were in our protege5. It was totally the other guys fault and he got cited for failure to maintain a safe distance. We'll see what kind of offer they make, I expect them to resore the material aspects back to where they were and make sure that an medical needs my wife my have are taken care of.
  5. Got rear ended by a F350 Dually yesterday. Direct impact centered on the license plate. I'm amazed at how well the pathfinder held up. Thank God we weren't in my wife's mazda. My poor wife was in the back middle seat so she got the worst of it and ended up being taken to the hospital to be checked out. She'll be sore for a few days but it looks like she'll be fine. Also had my two kids, 1 and 3 in the car and my mom. I'm pretty sure the pathy is totaled in that it will be more to fix than it is worth. I won't find out until early in the week when the adjuster sees it whats going to happen but I'm wondering where I can find out its value. I paid 4000 for it 2 years ago and it runs/ran great. 1998 LE 5sp Thanks Tony pics below
  6. I was on a road trip and the t/o bearing went on me. It cost 1200 for the clutch replacement and labor. This was in New York but I had had the same job quoted in Ohio for about the same price so I'm thinking that the quote you got was pretty reasonable. It's my understanding that it is a real PITA of a job.
  7. ticker


    Garmin Nuvi 500 series http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-500-3-5-Inch-Portable-Navigator/dp/B001CSZSDI best of everything, Looks and feels like a regular auto GPS but is also designed for hiking, geocaching, offroading, biking etc. Its waterproof, accepts GPX files, has topo maps and can be programmed with waypoints and stuff. I got a factory reconditioned one for my wife for $150.00
  8. The clear coat is peeling off part of one of the doors and the roof. Can it be stopped? When I bought this pathy 2 years ago it was suspiciously shiny and new looking so I'm guessing it has been resprayed recently. I'm pretty bummed about it. Every time it rains it gets worse. anyhelp would be appreciated. -T
  9. ABS would not necessarily be that helpful. I have a 98 as well,but I have a "working" ABS system. I say "working" because the ABS is so overly sensitive that It actually takes me longer to stop in slick roads than without. We've had a ton of snow recently which has given me the opportunity to check it out both ways. The Abs kicks in even at ultra low speed >10mph , so that its actully worse than locking up the wheels because it takes sooo long to stop. I try to stick to the rule if I'm in town (low speeds), I pull the fuse for the ABS and I can stop just fine by applying the brakes like I have for the last 18 years I've been driving. If I'm going on the highway I'll put the fuse back in. I am convinced that I am more likely to slide into the vehicle in front of me with the ABS on because it is so sensitive that it takes all control away from me the driver. I'm not against ABS in general, because I have driven other vehicles in which it worked fine. I don't know if the system in this vehicle is really unsophisticated or if my ABS is not working properly.
  10. It was working a few weeks ago. I generally don't wait until the fuel light comes on to get gas though.
  11. Ok so makes sense. I filled up today and got the guage to almost reach the full line. I added some fuel additive today on the odd chance it would actually do anything. Perhaps it is the appearance of poor mileage rather than actual,ie. sticking gauge, since I drove about 20 miles today with the gauge on/below E and never got the fuel light. I changed the plugs a couple months ago, soo I guess i could do the wires too at some point. Will check Fuel Filter. Thanks for the reply's as to the multiple posts, It was taking forever to load after I hit POST and I may have hit it a few times,
  12. walking the line between the light and dark sides of my mind

  13. 98 4x4 manual trans, 122,000 miles. My fuel consumption has been horrendous lately. It was never great but I went from getting 250-300 miles between fill ups to getting less than 200. I had a cel for the knock sensor but it went off by itself. I was hoping it may have been a loose connection, but I know that at some point It will need to be replaced. Other than that the pathy seems to run fine. It's winter time and pretty cold out some days but I've never seen mpgs get so bad. for exmple I drove to Cincinnati today, 1.5 hours 180 miles ish there and back and used a full tank of gas! Seems a bit extreme. Ideas of things to check? Also when I fill up the gauge has recently been stopping at just above the 3/4 mark. Ideas on what would cause this and/or possible fixes? Is it possible that I have that 1/4 tank to spare and don't know it? Not really interested in running out of gas trying to find out. Thanks
  14. Just saw the news that GM is going to shut down SAAB. Just another casualty of the decades of crap design and and crappier quality of GM products. I know that there are people who love their GM cars but GM really screwed the pooch with SAAB. They took a car company that made cars that were exciting and different and basically turned them into GM clones, obviously just what the world needed. For me growing up the only other car I really lusted after besides the WD21 Pathy was a SAAB 900 turbo. If it wasn't for all the people who need GM to survive I would say shut em' down and good riddance. RIP SAAB
  15. ticker

    Clutch Failed

    Clutch still working, it was the part that attaches the hose to the transmission that basically disintegrated causing all the fluid to leak out and the hose to come off. I know I could have fixed it myself but I know it was done right.
  16. ticker

    Clutch Failed

    I hear you. This is a general repair shop that's been around along time and has always been fair and honest with me in the past. I do plan on talking to them about the hose in the AM just to be sure they know I know.
  17. ticker

    Clutch Failed

    I'm going to let the shop handle it. It's already in their parking lot, its 25 F right now, and I'm not really sure what to look for. It is 11 years old and they use ridiculous amounts of salt here so rust is definitely present. Thanks for the reply
  18. ticker

    Clutch Failed

    I had to swing by the pathy today to grab a blanket and tiedowns so we could p/u a xmas tree with my wifes car. While there I took a peek underneath and noticed that a hydraulic line that goes into the transmission area was hanging down. This is obviously where the fluid was coming from. Other than that I have no idea what that means, although it does explain why the clutch pedal was on the floor. Do I have any right hoping that this was the fail point and not the clutch?
  19. I had just pulled into a parking lot today and had stopped to let a few people cross in front of me when something let loose. It felt like a stall only a bit louder/harder. I even looked to see if I got rear ended, but I then realized the clutch pedal was on the floor. Fortunately a few nice people helped me push the pathy out of the flow of traffic. I had it towed to the mechanic but they wont be able to look at it until Monday. For the last 11 months I had been getting a intermittent noise during the first few shifts that seemed like it was the TOB. It had stopped for the summer but had been doing it every day for the last few weeks and I have been waiting for something to happen. Well I don't have to wait any longer. So I'm going to have to wait a few days to find out exactly whats happened, which totally sucks. I have one question for now, after the pathy got put on the flat bed I noticed a small puddle of what I thought to be gear oil, it was dark so I was going by smell, where it had been parked. Why would it be leaking oil?
  20. Just a quick point about the orange sticker. My pathy came with Ziebart so the sticker was invisible. It can also fall off I'm guessing. The better way is to jack up the rear and give the wheels a spin. IIRC if they spin in opposite directions then you have LSD if not then, well you don't
  21. You should just have it done. It's free. The manufacturer did not put ANY rust coating on the filer tube, which you can't really see to see if it si rusty or not. So I would guess that even if you don't have rust issues the filler tube is rusting out. When I bought my Pathy I thought it was a bit weird that the dealer only put in a few bucks of gas when we were on the test drive. On the way home I filled it up and was pretty shocked to see the puddle of fuel in the street the next morning. They got theirs though my trade in was a 95 Pathy with ridiculous rust on the frame.
  22. No Doubt! Just wanted to say that the shifting is now smooth with the MT-90 in the transfer case. Its amazing how bad it felt before with the sta-lube. Thanks for the help! -T
  23. not sure if anyone would no the answer but here goes. In the article on Nissanhelp.com it says you need a Maxima Wire harness (cheaper and only has the necessary wires). But it says nothing about the type of KS so I assumed the pathy one I already bought would be fine. On the Frontier Boards it says need the maxima harness and KS. It's my understanding that the pathy and the maxima share the same VG33 engine so why would the KS be different?
  24. That seems odd, no? What purpose does it serve if it doesn't do anything? I honestly can't say that I could pinpoint the pathy performing differently since this happened, but the CEL being on is killing me though. I can't stand having it lit up, don't know if its OCD or what but I must find a soilution.

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