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  1. I really don't know what Nissan is thinking... First they butcher the Pathfinder's lineage with the hideously oversized and no-fun R51 and JA60 Armada/QX56... My apologies to R51 and JA60 owners on this board. Then, they ruin their legendary flagship SUV (the Safari/Patrol) with the most hideous, gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing piece of crap by replacing the JA60 with the current model... Despicable. Now, they're going to further discredit the Pathfinder's lineage with a replacement that will share the same chassis as the Murano, Altima and Maxima... What the crap?! Sorry for the rant... But I'm looking straight at you, Nissan, when I say, "the horror... The horror."
  2. Nice truck, Mike. Please tell me you have plans for it, i.e., lift and all that schwag.
  3. Noted. Thanks for the input. The truck's getting a full inspection Friday morning so I imagine everything will be checked and double-checked. Hopefully, it's mine by Friday.
  4. Nope, it was gear oil. Clear brown, funny smell. Definitely not motor oil. And remember, it's not a VG-powered WD21. In any case, the seller took it to a transmission shop this morning, and the gasket's shot.
  5. Pretty amazing. But this car was designed for more than a boring straight line. Gotta respect the time, money and energy invested, though.
  6. Is there a difference between the manual transmission on a TD27-powered WD21 and that of the VG30E-powered WD21? I'm looking at a '92 Terrano R3M and when I first when to check it out on Saturday, things were good. I was supposed to finalize the sale today but when did another quick check, the underside of the transmission was noticeably wet with gear oil. Between today and Saturday the seller put approx. 1,200km of highway mileage on the truck and noticed nothing out of the ordinary during the drive. Any help would be much appreciated. This is my first foray into the WD21 universe.
  7. Your initial post makes some very valid points and I couldn't agree more. But I think you should change the title to "Humanity Needs to Get a Clue." Too many people whine about what humanity does to the planet, merely because they like to hear their own crying. Then you get these bandwagon jumpers who support this environmental stupidity and think they'll be saved when the planet cooks itself (which it won't), simply because they drive a stupid Prius. Then, these clowns have the audacity to lambaste those of us who would rather drive what makes us happy. The fact of the matter is, there are more important problems for humanity to face than what kind of cars we should be driving. The so-called leaders of humanity are anything but... So they bicker amongst themselves like old grannies, failing to address the real issues, and this is becoming a trend in many first-world countries. I can only speak on behalf on my own country so I will. Instead of working together to find solutions, they waste our time and money with pointless elections and smear campaigns, like pathetic little kids still in high school. And then we get the 'soap opera' media coverage which does nothing but compound how ridiculous all of it is. How these mouth-breathers wake up each day and look at themselves in the mirror and think, "I'm doing my part to encourage the advancement and betterment of humanity and civilization" is completely beyond my intellectual comprehension. I think Michael Caine put it best in the Dark Knight: "Some men just want to watch the world burn." Unfortunate, as these are the dildoes who are our elected officials... Sorry... I kinda veered off-topic there. I have a tendency to do that at times... But yes, oil prices are stupid high... And this doesn't have to be the case!
  8. Sounds like a promising mod. Hopefully, you can post some pics of your work.
  9. Shipping's the only kicker with an item this size...
  10. is now taking donations for the R50 build. Your support is appreciated. :D

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