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  1. Rockauto.com has Beck/Arnley brand for $8-$12. My understanding is that Beck/Arnley doesn't make anything; they repackage OEM stuff under their brand name. I just got a Beck/Arnley water pump for my frontier; it came in a Nissan NA bag! Alternatively, you could try Timken - they have a very good reputation.
  2. Car VQ numbers are probably widely available. Core engine is the same. Some stuff may have been adjusted by Nissan for the Pathy but you should be able to get an idea of the change. VG may be a different story. I think the VG modifications by model were more significant than for the VQ.
  3. Welcome! No real bolt-on BBK (Big Brake Kit) for the Pathfinder. No easy swap either. As others have said, rotors and pads are the best upgrade. I switched to blank Brembos with EBC pads and the difference was remarkable. Way better than what the truck had on. Don't think anyone has found an "easy" way to replace the rear drums with discs on the R50. The H233B came with drums on Frontiers and Xterras, too. Keep in mind that the parking brake setup is built around drums, too, complicating any swaps. I would also suggest a brake fluid replacement. Full replacement, not top-up or bleed. Brake fluid is hygroscopic - absorbs water over time. That lowers the boiling point and degrades the braking power. I boiled my fluid while wheeling. I have found speed bleeder screws (basically, bleeder screws with a one-way valve) invaluable for bleeding and replacing brake fluid. Good call on the tranny cooler. Honestly, if you're going to be trailering anything heavy, I would save the money from a BBK or rear drum swap and allocate it to trailer brakes. Folks often realize trailer brakes would have been good at the worst possible time - when slamming on the brakes because some doofus up front suddenly slammed on his/hers.
  4. My dream car ? shift-on-the-fly 4 wheel drive, 3 locking differentials, 35" tires, body on frame construction, solid axles front and rear, ride adjustable shocks so you can get a nice pillowy ride when you like, 32' turning circle (slightly more than a Miata), under 200 inches long, 50 mpg, seats 5 comfortably, room for a couple of baby seats, plenty of usable cargo room, all the latest electronics from nav to bixenon headlights, a vanilla exterior and costs under $20k. Yeah, that violates pretty much most laws of physics, chemistry and common sense. But you did say dream car...
  5. Let's put aside the argument about whether jacks can fail or whether pros need them. I can see how the comments could be interpreted as "You are stupid". They are well-intentioned. Let's look at this anothe way. Is it that hard to spend a few extra minutes to put a vehicle on stands ? If it isn't hard, why not do it and have the peace of mind and the security ? You don't have to guess whether the jack will give out or not.
  6. Newer pathfinders have all independent suspension. Have not done as well as the R50 and WD21 in off-road tests. Much more geared to comfort; in essence, the Xterra has become what the Pathfinder used to be and the Pathfinder has become a sort of rugged-looking urban vehicle. It has suffered from a number of little gremlins as folks mentioned. The G35 is a great fun car. Nothing bad to say about it. I don't know if this is a consideration, but parts and servicing on newer cars can be pretty expensive. If you keep the older pathfinder, which shared parts with the Hardbody and many many other Nissans, you're guaranteed availability of cheap parts for a few years. Older cars are usually pretty well-known and most folks can work on them. Newer cars have a whole lot more electronics, doodad features and far more cramped engine bays. So if you do need to take either the G35 or the new Pathfinder to a mechanic, you could end up paying more. Just my $0.02.
  7. Dude, jack stands! They're $20 and will save your life... Glad it was just the cv.
  8. Can't really tell but it seems that the final drive side of one of the CVs is a bit mangled. I would suggest unbolting the CV from the drive flange (the 12 mm bolts XplorX4 mentioned) and see if the drive flange spins when you do your test. If it does, the CV is bust. Relatively cheap and easy fix - reman/pick-a-part replacement. If the drive flange itself is binding, then, yeah, chances are something is toast inside the diff. I had a front ARB. They rock. BUT, the angle of movement is fairly limited when locked. As a consequence, if you're locked and apply too much gas while turning or highly articulated, you risk snapping the CV joint. Before doing all that, though, I'd invest in some skids.... Of course, if you unbolted the skids for the video then never mind. Also, before you weld gears or get a locker, might be worth analyzing the age and state of the front diff. I've seen some pretty intense R50 wheeling videos that didn't result in busted diffs. Was the diff just ready to go and the mud the final straw ? Do you regularly wheel so hard that a new/reman diff will wear out quickly ? If so, then look into an arb/welding. If not, then get a new/reman diff or gears and spend the money on some quality diff fluid. HTH and good luck.
  9. CHeck out courtesyparts.com They have all the diagrams online.
  10. I worked on the VQ in my Pathy and am working on the VG in my Fronty. The VQ is more "modern", which means it is more complicated, parts are more expensive and there are a lot more things that could go wrong. It will probably be a tight squeeze in the WD21 engine bay, the harnesses will be different and ongoing servicing may be quite difficult because of space issues. There is a chance you may need to swap the entire cooling system (radiator, fan clutch, fan, hoses) to account for the difference in engine size and heat. I'm not sure whether a VG30 cooling system will be enough for a VQ35. The size and layout differences could also create clearance or position issues for the steering box and various other components. Basically, if you're going to that much trouble (likely a few thousand bucks assuming your time is worth SOMETHING), you might be better off just getting an R50 with a VQ. I've driven both the R50 VQ (GVWR of 4500 lbs with the junk I added) and a D22 VG33 (GVWR 5200 lbs stock) and the D22 never felt sluggish. Fuel economy is going to be terrible with all 3 engines. If it's fuel economy you're after, look at models with the KA24. That's a zippy little thing, parts are dirt cheap and it will run forever. Still not *great* fuel economy but better than the V6. Besides, the money you'll likely end up spending on a major swap will eat whatever you'd save in fuel economy...
  11. I've reused quite a few parts each time I've done strut work. Most recent job was my Altima. Honestly, some things don't NEED to be OEM. Others do. Check with Rockauto.com
  12. My biggest concern with a supercharged fronty/xterra would be the previous owner. Did they abuse it ? Were they doing burnouts in the parking lot ? The hp and torque upgrade over stock weren't huge, but the very idea of a supercharger leads people to do silly things. Also, while working on my frontier, I noticed the supercharged sometimes requires slightly different parts. Stuff like seals and gaskets (not just in the engine).

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