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  1. Ty, whats good man? How is the QX4? For a little while I have no plans for it (wife put a **** block on it)...at some point I would like to level it and lift in the future, skids, sliders, FJ cruiser TRD Anthracite wheels, TRD exhaust and intake, etc. TRD makes a factory backed supercharger for these bad boys but its $3,500 or so...Maybe if I win the lottery
  2. Thanks, I test drove the Frontiers as well and honestly it was no comparison...the Tacoma felt so much more solid and the engine felt like it had more torque off the line, you really had to wring the Frontier out to get to the power... I can appreciate that...the same motor in the FJ cruiser and the 4Runner is making 270hp, only 240hp in the Tacoma. As far as MPG I spent a good bit of time looking on Taco and Frontier forums and real world economy was pretty similar for the stock trucks... I just got married a couple months ago and with us getting a house at some point soon (hopefully) a pickup made more sense. Her next vehicle will be an SUV and mine will be based on my needs at the time... I miss the SUV but the cargo area got trashed because of all of the dirty @!*% I would throw back there...
  3. So I had a nice 6 month stint with a 2011 Civic Si...had lots of fun with the VTEC and corner carving suspension but reality slapped me in the face every time I drove the car for more than an hour when my back hurt the rest of day... Enter my 2012 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD Sport 4WD...My heart wanted to get the TRD offroad model with the locker and skid plates and all that but in reality it will never be challenged enough to use that stuff so the Sport model with the painted everything and nicer wheels was the choice to make...
  4. My Civic gets 33 mpg! Oh @!*%, wrong forum...Andrew the ride looks sick as stated before...keep up the good work and I await your chop/cut/rebuild...
  5. Are you calling me lazy? I'll have you know I replaced the bushings on all four links in my 2001... They didn't use their brains then. It really is quite simple if you follow the procedure I posted above.
  6. Looks sick man! My thoughts: -Don't cut up a perfectly good truck unless you are 150% sure this is what you want to do. I hesitate to do such things to a daily driver. -It looks to me like everyone telling you to regear has a VG33. I wouldn't unless you can get gears cheap, the VQ has plenty of get up and go. -Come to MD and take me off roading so I can regret selling my R50 more than I already do.
  7. If you are going through the pain of removing the links yourself the bushings are a minor inconvenience in comparison. I think each bushing took me 10 minutes to remove, I just used a press to push the rubber out (it just ripped off of the sleeve every time), put the link in a bench vice and use a sawzall to cut the sleeve. It comes out easily after that. And I don't know for a fact but the polyurethane bushings you can buy online are apparently stiffer than the rubber bushings in stock links, making the suspension feel a lot tighter.
  8. K&N or JWT. WeaponR has terrible fitment issues. I had one on my 97 and it sucked, I got a K&N for my 01 and was very impressed with it vs. the weaponR. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of the weaponR, stick with the JWT or K&N or leave the stock intake.
  9. do you know the diameter of the center hole?...thanks

  10. The R50 kills the R51 in every way... my 2001 was faster, got better mileage, handled better, and had ZERO squeaks or rattles than my friends one year old R51. Having driven his a couple hundred miles I am not impressed at all. Anybody who thinks the R51 handles better than the R50 is dead wrong, they must have driven an R50 with over 100,000 miles on original shocks/springs. BTW: 5 speed + VQ35 + 4WD = winning combo every time
  11. On a scale of 1-10... it depends 2 if you take the struts to someone else to rebuild 4 if you rebuild them yourself, it isn't really hard to do but it takes some time and patience...
  12. See them here... http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=30310
  13. Sounds about right... I had a SRI on my 97 Pathfinder and my 01 Pathfinder and saw no mileage benefit, or throttle response like some people claim. I did it for the sound and I got the sound and was happy...
  14. There are pics of JDM spec R50's in your color (or very close) with SFD...
  15. They are great fun to drive, too bad it had to be an auto but cheap and known service history are both good things

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