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  1. Found a reputable dude that will take the windshield off and reinstall when I am ready, all for $100.
  2. I think this picture explains it.
  3. My windshield has some rust around the top edge. Looks like I am going to have to take the windshield off to repair it correctly. I am a little confused on what part #72616 in the pictures below is? Yes I see that it is a seal that goes around the windshield but don't you use urethane adhesive for window installations? Do I need this seal as well?
  4. I still haven't dived into this yet and have been driving it with the noise. I did just take the time to read through the strut/spring removal/installation instructions in the repair manual and noticed that there is a notch in the upper spring seat that the manual says to make sure it faces outwards (towards the sides of the vehicle). Well I took a look at mine and they are both facing exactly the opposite, towards the engine compartment. Pretty sure this is my problem, just hope it hasn't damaged anything yet. Hoping that I will be able to leave the struts on the vehicle, jack it up, remove the wheels, use a spring compressor and then just turn the mounts to the correct orientation. Hope this can help others when replacing struts and springs.
  5. I was doing a little research and I believe the top spring seats have to be oriented correctly? Could this cause the knocking sound?
  6. I believe there is only one way the struts can be assembled, correct? Yes I should have been more clear. I have read the bad reviews about the KYB mounts/bearings. Couldn't find anything about the Gabriels but I know they make a lot of OEM stuff and tried to save some money.
  7. They were Gabriel strut mounts/bearings, not KYB.
  8. Just recently had my local shop install new KYB struts, shocks, and strut mounts. It was not there before, but now I have a loud clunking noise when turning either direction. I have been having some steering issues before and after the new struts went in but did not start hearing the noise until after. My steering wheel seems to feel really loose and like I have to turn it farther than before to turn. Sometimes it feels like it is skipping, like the truck doesn't start turning until I have turned it pretty far. I can be going straight but the steering wheel is turned pretty severely in one direction. Weird part is sometimes it will be turned in the opposite direction while going straight again. I know I need to get this checked out soon but does anybody have any idea what it could be? Bad rack and pinion is my only guess. Would this account for the noise as well?
  9. Actually looks like the stock tubing is 1.75". Think I will go with the Magnaflow 12280 which has dual 2" and single 2.5".
  10. Would it be easier to go with 2" or 2.25" inlets on the muffler? I am thinking 2" cause the stock is pipe is around 1 7/8" correct? I know exhaust systems have been discussed and I have read through previous threads but still not sure of the answer.
  11. Since the consensus seems to be they are resonators, I think I will keep it simple and cheap. Gonna swap the muffler at the inlets and get rid of the single rear resonator.
  12. The 2nd oxygen sensor is before these so I don't see how it could throw a CEL.
  13. Does anyone know if part #'s 20010 and 20020 are additional catalytic converters or just resonators? My 1998 Pathy is California emissions and has these pipes instead of straight pipes like the federal emissions. I am doing an exhaust system and will probably leave them if they are just resonators. But if they are additional cats I may get rid of them to free up the system more. OEM they are like $800 compared to around $300 for the fed emissions pipes so it makes me think they are cats, which sucks.
  14. Ok, I am long overdue for a suspension overhaul on my 98 pathy. I have decided on the OME springs but am not completey sure what to go with. I am thinking HD all around as I want as much lift from the springs as I can get and I often tow my dirtbike on a hitch carrier. Also, I have plans for an off-road bumper in the future. I have a few questions: 1. Do I need longer rear shocks with these springs? 2. If I go with NX4 front spacers will my ride be level?

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