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  1. Well, like the title says, how do you replace the rear bumper on the pathy, its an xe model. mine is all rusted and falling apart. I got a new one from a local parts shop already thanks in advance
  2. i would say change plugs and wires if you havent already
  3. i am, but i make sure i take my keys in my pocket no matter how far away i am from my truck lol
  4. Thanks, im going to check that out tomorrow i guess the law in ontario aint that strict theres alot of cars in the toronto area that dont have them, i always removed them from my family's cars and not one ounce of trouble from any authority.
  5. yes im sure its daytime running lights lol, and no, i dont have foglights lol, its on whenever the truck is on. I couldnt find a fuse for it... so i thought there was some kinda wire or module i have to cut like what i did on my tracker.
  6. I have a 95 nissan pathfinder, and I was wondering how to remove my daytime running lights. And yes I searched
  7. I put 350z injectors into my Sentra once... then I woke up from that nightmare
  8. theres a sunfire in the next town with Toyota Racing Development stickers across the windsheild
  9. LOL... im just gonna sit and watch this topic
  10. ^ya I was worried about what the MAF might send to the ecu... This only came to my head becuase I wanted to find a way to make a constant 3" intake without a 2 1/2" restrictive maf. And its not worth it to go get $300 for another Apexi SAFC when I have no plans to turbo/supercharge the motor...
  11. ya its a common upgrade for any nissan sports car, but i know for 240sx (s13) and (S14), you will need some kind of piggy back like a apexi safc. I also did a similar thing back in the day to my old Toyota supra (but used a lexus v8 MAF), and also needed a apexi safc to control the fuel.
  12. housing and sensor. i dont think the housings are the same, but again, not sure and wont get my hands on a 300zx MAF until monday. I have a 300zx MAF wiring harness laying around, I already know that I will have to splice, and re-wire the 300zx MAF to the Pathy's Maf , but I dont know if I would need a tunning program... because it basically is the same motor, fuel maps should be pretty similar. The N62 MAF was used on all DOHC VG30's in the 90's turbocharged or not, so really I dont see that much of a difference, but their might be a reason why they didnt put them on pathy's. I just noticed that the VG33 from the R50's have a similar MAF to the DOCH VG30's (Z31)... anybody tried to use a (R50) MAF on a (WD21)?
  13. Before I start, Just wanna mentioned that I tried Searching but only came up with how to clean the maf, and sensor issues Last night, I ordered an ebay ram air intake, and I noticed that the pathys MAF sensor is very small and restrictive compared to the intake piping. Now, I havent gone out there to measure anything, but the Pathy's MAF LOOKS like it is about 2" - 2 1/2" through. So I was thinking... The 300zx (Z32) has basically the same designed motor... The 300zx MAF sensor is 3" in diameter, which looks to be the same as the ebay piping diameter, and also alot less restrictive...The 300zx MAF is a big upgrade for 240sx's however, the car will need a piggy back tuning program to manage the fuel. The 300zx (Z32) MAF code is N62. Just wondering if anyone has tried and tested the 300zx (z32) MAF on the pathy's?
  14. Are you serious!? the stock rims can fit 48"s? I thought the biggest you could go was 31"s on the shiny pathy rims...
  15. its apparently a common gauge cluster problem for 93-95 pathys

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