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  1. I tried racing a UPS delivery van the other day... I lost.
  2. Quite honestly I wouldn't bother with an LSD in the front. By the time you need the added traction you're probably way over the breaking torque of the LSD. The pre '96 H233B 260 ft/lbs is pretty good in most situations but as soon as you lifted a tire it became useless. I am gonna take a wild guess and say that the R200s offer AT MOST what that '96 and up rear diffs had, which is 130 ft/lbs and that's almost an open diff in reality.... what I am getting at is that in sports car terms it may be all cool for all the driftuu **** that don't want to peel out constantly with one tire only in their Silvias, but off road it's useless and not worth the effort and money. You want performance? Weld up the rear and put an ARB in the front. End of story.
  3. Absolutely.... The HMMWV has been designed for "rough roads" not "off road" There is a world of difference between the two.
  4. Somebody needs tires, winch and ... body damage sly Looks like a nice start tho.
  5. SkinnyPedal has a 3"+3" lifted WD21 on 33"s as HIS personal daily driver so pretty much unless you SAS yours... it will look slammed next to his. sly The 05 is his second car.
  6. Just out of curiosity when was the last time that you changed your timing belt?
  7. Well said. The sad fact is that Nissan at this point is milking off the reputation of WD21s to sell more grocery getters. My truck is 14 years old and it's probably somewhere in the median of how old a properly wheeled Pathy is on this board. I can guarantee that in 14 years a 2005 Pathy won't be able to tackle half the crap that my daily driver sees off road.
  8. Hehe... sure thing there. It's one thing on an ATV where it's light and you can make it happen with 9-10" of wheel travel without breaking stuff. As to antiques? Heck... the most capable thing I've seen is a 1970s Mog... and after that a late 80s Sammi equipped with 70s Ford axles.
  9. No.. it has been shipped over to my boys or Iron Locust and we run one of the trails that we call home with it... Oh c'mon! :Magic:
  10. Holy s$hit man. Last time I saw this problem a whole new motor was dropped in the engine bay as a solution. You make this happen i think a few of us here will put our asses in gear and send you some good Canadian beer.
  11. The main purpose of the relocation for me was that mud was caked all over the lower block and I was afraid of getting crap in the engine while changing filters. Then with my dual relocation (link above ) I got over 1/3rd more oil capacity in the system which means more cooling and more engine protection. I read somewhere that oil is responsible for 20% of cooling duties in the engine so that made me happy. The 1.6L Honda Civic i was beating on before had over 4L of oil capacity and this hard working off roading beast had just over 3L! Something wasn't right. I am currently running Ford Motorsport filters now instead of the Fram crap and I hooked up the oil pressure gauge on the return channel (actually worst reading position there is). On hot oil and dirty filters I get 10 psi on idle and 80 psi at full throttle. My VG30 is gonna be running for ages.
  12. cause it's just so much fun... and if you think about it, my answer is 100% correct in every respect.
  13. I'd recommend a set of 5.14s in the diffs and the 3.7s in the t-case... sly
  14. Read up on exhaust theory man... Backpressure is bad. Exhaust velocity = good. Optimum sized piping helps keeping the exhaust velocity up... there are some good writeups available.
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