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  1. What should the torque specs be for the upper control arm spindle bolts? 14mm x 1.5 x 50mm. 1994 SE Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your input. I added a few more pictures. Silverton, I think you are right, they were painted black. Curt
  3. Hey Guys, I saw these on a 95 SE and thought they looked great. Does anybody know the make and model of them? I'm pretty sure they are 15" x "8, sure would look good on my new tires Santa is going to bring me....lol. http://imgur.com/a/h9loV Thanks for your input ! Curt
  4. Thanks Cuong for the feedback. My rig is still a daily driver and I have installed new shocks and springs which have helped a lot. I am trying to eliminate the "plow" feeling when turning the wheel at modest speeds. I am getting ready to replace the endlinks and sway bar bushings with poly, so that should help also. I thought I remembered someone saying that an Xterra or Frontier front sway bar was twice as stiff and a bolt on upgrade. Trying to confirm that before buying one at a junk yard. Curt
  5. Hey Guys, Quick question... Can I use a front sway bar off either a 2000 Xterra or Frontier as a direct bolt on for my 1994 WD21 front sway bar? I hear they are stiffer. Does it have to be off a 4x4 version? What about the rear sway bar, any upgrades I can find at a junk yard? Thanks for your help, Curt
  6. Here is my write up on the Seafoam treatment I performed over the weekend. 1.) First, I made sure the engine was warmed up by driving it to Walmart to buy Seafoam and throttle body cleaner. 2.) Next, I did end up using the brake booster vacuum line for simplicity. I poured 1/3 of a can of Seafoam into a shallow cup. 3.) Keep your thumb over the vacuum line until you are ready to stick it in the cup. Small sips are best to prevent the engine from stalling out. 4.) A few times I did need to rev the engine, so I just pulled on the throttle body cable. About the time the last sip was completed, I saw a puff of smoke exit the tailpipe. 5.) I quickly turned off the engine and let it sit for 30 minutes. While I waiting, I also cleaned by throttle body. 6.) I removed the throttle body boot and used a rubber strap to keep the throttle body door/flap open. I sprayed throttle body cleaner into the opening and used old tooth brushes to clean the inside. 7.) It was very dirty, thick sludge and tar like gunk stuck to the tooth brushes. I used over a 1/2 can of cleaner before it was finally clean. This process took almost 30 minutes. 8.) I then cranked up my Pathy, revved up the engine and OMG!!!!! White/Blue smoked rolled out of it for almost 10 minutes. Thick as fog at first, then finally thinning out. 9.) For me, I can tell the difference. The engine is more responsive and the RPMs climb quicker and much smoother, no hesitation or resistance in the power band. Good luck !! Curt
  7. Thanks SpecialWarr and Terranovation for your feedback, much appreciated ! I will do the procedure over the weekend. Take care, Curt
  8. Hey Gang, Got a question for you. I am getting ready to Seafoam my 94 Pathfinder and need some help. Many of the online videos show using the brake booster vacuum line is how to pour Seafoam into the intake. However, I also read that for my engine, that will only clean cylinders 5 & 6. Is there any truth to that? They recommended using a vacuum line instead, but did not say which one or where it is located. Do you know or have a picture? Thanks! Curt
  9. Quick question. I have read that some folks run ball joint spacers with stock UCAs. Others, no ball joint spacers with aftermarket UCAs (Superlift). Then read a few who used ball joint spacers with aftermarket UCAs. I am going to buy the Superlift UCAs for sure, just wondering if I still need and want BJS also? If yes, 1/2" or 1" ? Who sells some that work with Superlifts and would they need to be welded to the UCAs? Thanks everyone! Curt

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