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  1. Well my Pathfinder Party video made it to the finals in the ARB 4x4 Video contest If you vote for me, I might win a gopro camera which I will put to good use. You have to add this promotions app to vote on the vid but you can delete it after the contest is over if you want. I am in no way affiliated with the app, just a hoop I had to jump through to enter the contest. You can add me as a FB friend too if I don't already have you in my list. Here's a link to the voting page: https://apps.facebook.com/promotionshq/contests/251407/voteable_entries/54120128 THANKS!!
  2. Try the JY and find some factory manual hubs from a v6 hardbody. I hear they are very good build quality. Just make sure you have the matching # of splines and you should be good to go.
  3. close, they were making them in the 70's
  4. my "wallet" (a bunch of cards secured with a rubber band ) lighter swiss knife blackberry if I could, I would carry a firearm
  5. those are delicious. i've had them with worcestershire and bbq sauce too
  6. i used to carry a big jug of water with me and after each dirty water crossing, i would shut the truck off, douse the alty with clean water and then spray it with WD40 to force the last little drops out. nismojunky taught me another trick - rev the shiat out of the engine after going through the water hole and it clears a lot of the grime out. Best to carry a trail spare with you and keep an eye on your volt meter. Clear water doesn't hurt them very much, it's the chocolate milk and packing it with mud that ruins them. if you cant afford a skid plate, at least go to the JY and get a factory splash guard. Something is better than nothing.
  7. there were some xterras that had 4.9 R&P gears. You could use that in the back with a wagoneer 4.88 up front. they should work pretty good for 33's + 35's
  8. i've always wondered what the bacon/chocolate combo tastes like. I did try a PBBCB (peanut butter bacon cheeseburger) a little while ago and it was actually pretty good
  9. Trailchaser! broken mirror and all
  10. ahahahha I think spraying brake cleaner in your snorkel would give you more HP
  11. Almost.. they weren't allowed to bring that 4.2l 1HD-T engine with them. We got stuck with the gutless gasser.
  12. Y61 Patrol! Straight axles, diesel engine, factory lockers! what's not to love!?
  13. start with this: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=21
  14. sounds like you are getting too much fuel. There is a procedure to read the check engine code saved on the ECU. It's in the garage forum.
  15. definitely not black. It looks like that steely blue or dark grey color

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