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  1. Here Is There - Of Clocks And Clouds http://www.myspace.com/hereisthere If you have a MySpace then add us.
  2. About 2 years ago I would get on Star Wars Galaxies daily. And then just about 1 year ago I would play Halo 2 on Xbox Live everyday. But as of now I don't really play any video games, I'll play my Xbox every once in a while when I am stoned or something with some friends.
  3. Get a $#&%in' Kawasaki Ninja. ...Always go with the Ninja man, always...
  4. All I got is a dog, but my girlfriend has a bunch of cats and one of them just recently had three kittens and another one just recently had one kitten so I will fill her in on those trimming details.
  5. TeenZombie


    What do they look like this run?
  6. TeenZombie


    Sorry guys, I have never even smoked a bong. Just seen them in movies.
  7. TeenZombie


    Can anyone say homemade bong?
  8. TeenZombie


    When I made this topic I was high and I just now realized I spelled marijuana wrong on the title and the poll question.
  9. TeenZombie


    All my friends are now deciding they are giving it up so I think I am going to be done with it for a while, I'm not sure but I don't ever want to get to the point where I just sit at home and get high by myself.
  10. TeenZombie


    Dude Tulsa, Oklahoma. Where you at, what kind you got out there, and how much does each ounce sell for?
  11. TeenZombie


    Whoa whoa right after I made that last post I got an invite to go smoke KB, so I went. AND THAT WAS SO FUNNY. Yeah this @!*% I am on right now is way better than that stuff I usually get.
  12. TeenZombie


    Dude I have not even been able to try KB yet. All the kids in my hood seem to only be able to get Schwag.
  13. TeenZombie


    I don't know about where you guys live but here the prices of weed never stay the same, they are different each week. I can buy about 3/8 for 10 bucks one day and then 2 days later sell 1/3 of what I got for 10 bucks. Now that is making a profit! That contact high stuff is stupid, it would take A LOT. Even if you straight up smoke it you might have to smoke 2 joints or a whole bowl to get high.
  14. TeenZombie


    I have smoked weed about 10 times now, to me at least the effects are not THAT STRONG. It is not like you smoke weed and then you start seeing all this crazy @!*%. It makes you laugh and chill out, and if you smoke a lot you just get really lazy and tired. Most people just use to have a good time when they feel like @!*%.

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