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  1. lol... yeah. big washer.. black.. then read dr.bill's thread again on tightening it.
  2. i'd freaking find her and kick her .. you know what... sheesh..
  3. painted rocks is just "closed officially".. wellsville, crapola.. not much left there that's open. sheesh. search for MVUMS for Wayne NF.
  4. i hear there really is no problem (unnoticeable?), as long you have it done right.
  5. search around.. there have been numerous threads about this issue.. it has a nice and simple fix too.
  6. i suggest you look through the stickies in the how to's or garage..
  7. yeah, i know about the drivers etc.. thanks though. i just can't locate my XP install CD.
  8. damn, i wish i knew you guys weren't in the loop... info about it closing has been floating about for a while now. i saw it a month or more ago.. next time, i'll just link pertinent info, regardless.
  9. i was not able to get everything before the HD went completely off the deep end; i was freaking sick that week. bummer. it's not even recognized when i enslave it. my other one is locked but i ran a backup on it, although i didn't get much out of it.. and the third one is running on crutches but i will format it, if i ever find my original install CD or make a boot CD or i figure another way.
  10. in USA, yes but i have some seen some killer ones from SA and OZland so there has to be some support out there.
  11. yup, they are actually the same thing.
  12. sweet and thanks. I actually have a location of the potjie somewhere.. it's in TNT area.. i'll have to go to another site and look up the location.
  13. yeah, recovery.. no pass but it didn't like it and kicked me out after 3 tries. haven't been able to get in there since.. but i got it running enough to copy a few things.. then, i'll just re-install XP and should be good to go, i hope.

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