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  1. if you used anything even close to POR-15 chances are that frame will outlive you, i wouldnt worry about it, that stuff is like satan in a can.
  2. sure, just plan on building new control arms, panhard bar, shocks, driveshaft, and brake lines, oh, and add in a SFA swap for the front.
  3. so my guess is you have two things wrong. let me guess this truck has high miles on this engine....(it is a pathfinder) number one, and this has to do with your hot start problem and the fact that it is diesleing, number two, you have carbon buildup in the cylinders. so this is what happens in a carborated gas engine that will cause it to diesel, when the engine is cold the first thing to heat up is the carbon left in the cylinders, when you shut it off the last bit of fuel is ignited by the hot carbon and will draw fuel from the float bowl and continue to run the engine without an actuall ignition spark. no obvioulsy you dont have a carb, but there is pressure remaining in the fuel system and if you have a leaky injector or 5 perhaps, one pre-ignition situation will "spark" this whole process off and cause the thing to run in reverse
  4. im going to agree with B, sounds like torque hop to me, you have something worn out in the rear end, ive had this problem time and time again with offroad rigs with soft springs in the rear end, shudder and hop when you give it the go juice while in the soft stuff
  5. The venerable Cummins 4bt would be sweet in a WD for sure, but the transmission and T-case that one would have to use to mate to one would be an awful tight squeeze, unless maybe you used a 4L60 and a NP231 from an s-10 or something, then who knows if it would handle it...
  6. a swap like this would take some serious research, especially since in the states there arnt any vehicles to look at or scrounge parts from. doing some reading it looks like the QD and ZD, and even some of the later TD engines were electronically controlled, sounds like a major pain to gather the parts. all engine swaps i have done to date i just buy a wrecked donor vehicle so that i have everything i need. Damn, sorry to to OP, i think i just pulled off the hijack of the century, i should probably start my own thread.......
  7. man, thats more $$ than a set of G-body springs brand new! plus dealing with the plate adapter!
  8. yeah, have to agree, the remote res is there to allow more oil therefore prolong overheating of the shock during long high speed desert or race type of driving. i know if i tried something like that in my truck shock temp would be the least of my worry....
  9. hahahahaha, yeah, thats what i told my wife when i talked her into just coming out with me for a bit to help hold the door.... like King said, one was easy, the other was LOCKED into the center portion of the hinge by 16 years of rust, when it finally came out after pounding/drilling/grinding/pounding/swearing/pounding/more swearing it was about a third the diameter in the center of the pin. all this after two days of soaking with PB too.
  10. oh, and probably the only way to fix that dash would be to replace the entire upper pad, wouldnt be hard if you could find a good used one, or wanna throw down the cash for a new one.
  11. yeah..... pretty much.... you found a 94 with 76k miles... there are going to be a lot of folks around here green with envy! congrats and welcome to the fold. as far as the tire carrier, it looks aftermarket to me, i have seen similar ones for sale here and there, looks sweet if i do say so. and the plastic trim around the windows, are you referring to the "black plastic film over stainless" windshield moldings? or the side window trim/seals? if its the windshield i wouldnt worry about it, peel the plastic off and have it painted, if its the side windows just get the parts from the dealer and carefully replace.
  12. Just so, if anyone was wondering, if your bored and looking for an enjoyable, leisurely activity for a sunday afternoon, may i take this moment to suggest changing the door hinge pins and bushings on your pathfinder!!! especially pleasurable if both pins are rusted into the hinges i would have done somewhat of a write up, but im pretty sure if your going to do that job, youd be better off finding some other way than the what i did... none the less, the door shuts now, all the way even, every time, no more dead batt due to a light on all night because the door didnt shut all the way
  13. I have a scout with a 6BT Cummins, its not easy, but you can find places to hide extra cylinders..... You live in WA, where the Heck did you get a Dizzel pathy? assuming you lived overseas? or are there are few running around here that have been imported? I love diesel, hell even love the smell, wonder if any of those jap engine importer outfits could get me a 2.7
  14. ive got a set of chrome alloys i could make you one hell of a deal on if you wanted to pay to ship them

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