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  1. So if I open up both of those engine plugs, and pull the lower radiator hose, I should be able to drain all of the coolant? Thanks, Zack
  2. Hi everyone, I want to change ALL of the coolant on my 1995 D-21 SE-V6 and I have no idea where the engine coolant drain plug is. The past few years I have just drained the coolant in the radiator, but nothing else. I want 100% new coolant in the cooling system, so I want it all out. What are the steps to getting all of the coolant changed? My plan is to use Zerex traditional green coolant, since the new types of coolant were not available when the truck was built. Thanks, Zack
  3. Yes it is true that the hardbody pick up itself was not low production, but the SE-V6 4x4 King Cab 5spd was a low production option package. When I purchased the truck, it took the dealer well over a month to find my truck, they actually gave up hope and wanted me to take a XE-V6, but I refused and asked them to keep looking. Do you think that there is any club that can write something? Also is there any accessible production number database for the Hardbody's ? Thanks, Zack
  4. Hi everyone, I have always been a Nissan fan, and in 1995 I purchased two brand new Nissan trucks, a SE-V6 5Spd Pathfinder (WD21), and a SE-V6 King Cab pick up 5spd 4x4 (D21). Well the Pathfinder was always my daily driver, and in 2011 after many years of truly faithful service, the Pathfinder was traded in. In the time that I have owned the trucks, the pick-up always remained in the garage and was never driven in rain/snow/bad weather, etc. At this point after 18 years the pick-up only has 9,200 miles on it. I want to register it as a classic vehicle, since it is pristine and rare. In order to register it as a classic, I need a letter from either Nissan or a Nissan club indicating that it was in fact a low production vehicle. The letter can be short, however it needs to be on official letterhead of the company or a club. I called Nissan, and they were of NO assistance at all, in fact they were downright rude! They seemed annoyed that I was even wasting their time with a 1995 vehicle. With the above in mind, does anyone know of any Nissan clubs that could write me a letter? Thanks, Zack
  5. Ok makes perfect sense now........ So the trans holds 10.8 pints which is 5 and 1/2 quarts. Zack
  6. But the odd part is that it seems that Amsoil has kept up in some way with the TSB since they are not quoting the owners manual. If they were quoting the owners manual, they would have said 3.6 L. Zack
  7. Hi everyone, I need to change the transmission oil in my 5 SPD 1995 SE-V6 4x4 D21. Based upon reading the TSB from Nissan, the level is now 5.1 L up from 3.6 L. However when I check the Amsoil vehicle recommendation (which is always spot on) for my truck they claim that a 4x4 trans takes 7.6 pints. The basic issue is that 7.6 pints does not equal 5.1 L. What am I missing here? How much oil should the trans take, so as to ensure proper lubrication? I had the 5spd trans ruined in my 1995 WD-21, and I DO NOT want that to happen in my D21! At this point my D21 only has 9,200 miles on it so I don't want any damage. Thanks, Zack PS- Here is the Amsoil link....I hope it works. http://www.amsoil.com/mygarage/vehiclelookup.aspx?url2=1995+NISSAN/DATSUN+PICKUP+G
  8. Lol....I wonder what mine is worth.....not that it is for sale! 1995 SE V6 King Cab 4x4 5spd, with 9,200 miles. Has spent it's entire life in the garage with only a handful of nights out of the garage. Zack PS: I like the forum a lot, and I traded in my 95 Pathfinder last summer and I am still here.
  9. Thanks everyone! I was finally able to work on the truck yesterday, and with a new battery and the 3 new links all is good again. She started right up, and seemingly there are no issues. I also ordered extra links from Nissan, just to be safe if they ever become NLA. Thank you, Zack
  10. Ok thanks. I stopped at Nissan today and ordered the third link, it should be in on Tuesday. I also ordered spares of all three, just in case they become NLA from Nissan. I still can't believe that I ,made such a dumb mistake. I am very embarrassed to say the least! Zack
  11. Thanks everyone! I don't care about the battery, as it was garbage to begin with. This afternoon I will head over to Costco and pick up a new battery. With respect to the fusible links, I went to Nissan on Tuesday to order the parts and it takes two days for any ordered part to come in. The problem is that I only ordered two out of the three links. I didn't see three separate links on my truck, and I guess the parts guy didn't either. So I ordered only the following two: 24022-84M60 LINK, FUSIBLE $13.58 NISSAN LIST: $10.02 24022-01G00 LINK, FUSIBLE $7.13 NISSAN LIST: $9.67 Any idea where the third link goes? I wonder if my truck will work with the two that I ordered? In any event when I stop at Nissan today, I will order the third link, and perhaps spares for the other two. Zack
  12. Hi everyone, I made a very dumb mistake this afternoon with my 1995 V6 D21......The battery is dead so I had to jump start the truck, and I hooked up the positive and negative backwards. The second that I touched the jumper cable to my truck sparks flew and smoke poured from the positive cable on my truck. Thankfully the Toyota Highlander that I was using to start my truck seems totally fine. Attached to the positive cable of my truck is what appears to be two fuseable links, with connectors on each end joined together by a few inches of wire. The smoke poured directly from the fuseable link, and the wires were hot to the touch. I am assuming that I burned up either one or both links fuseable link? After I made the mistake, I hooked up the cables the proper way, and there was no power at all to my truck. Do you think I damaged anything else on my truck besides the fuseable links? Are the fuseable links available from Nissan? Does anyone have part numbers for the fuseable links? Are they expensive? Thank you, "The Idiot" Zack
  13. HI everyone, Since I am dealing with the "fire" issues, I pulled the seats out....About a year ago I was still fighting the random CEL issue (now I just gave up and deal with the random light), and the shop swapped computers to see if that would help..it didn't. But when I got the truck back from the shop the ABS brake light was on. The shop was not sure why the light was on, so I just gave up. Well today I noticed that a plug/harness toward the front right side near the computer was unplugged. I plugged it back in, and the ABS light is now out. Any ideas as to what the plug/harness is for? I know it has something to do with the ABS, but what else? I have driven the truck without that plug attached for over a year, what harm might it have caused? Thanks, Zack
  14. Well I fixed all the wires...The yellow, purple, and green wires were replaced (fog light wires), and as I said in the original post, it didn't fix anything. Then I got myself contorted under the dash, and looked for more burned wires....I found that the factory wire harness leading to the radio was burned, as well as some of the aftermarket radio harness. I pulled the radio out and and seperated all the wires in the factory harness, a few were bare. With that I replaced the interior light 10amp fuse, and everything worked except the fog lights, pass side headlight, and brights and bright indicator. I was stumped, but then I remembered the fuse block under the hood...I checked and the pass side 15amp fuse was blown, I replaced that and all worked again. I stopped by the junk yard, and they have one 95 Pathfinder. I got the new HVAC duct for $30.00, I need to go back and get the factory radio wire harness. Now I need to figure out what to do with the carpet and smoke smell. I need the entire drivers side carpet in blue, anyone have it that they want to sell me? If I can't get the factory carpet, what else can I use? Any ideas? Also how do I get the smoke smell out? The inside has a burnt plastic smell, and in some areas there is black soot. Of course I will clean whatever I can, but the smell is still there. I sprayed Ozoium in the truck a little while ago hopefully that might help. I also purchased Febreeze to spray the seats. Any other good ideas as to how to get the smell out? Thanks, Zack
  15. Hi everyoene, I had a sad day with my 95 SE-V6 yesterday.....There is a rust hole in the drivers side floor just below the gas pedel area, which is just above the exhaust pipe. In the past it had melted the rubber of the carpet, but I put some metal in there and it seemed to stop the melting. Well yesterday on the highway I was towing my trailer, and I guess the exhaust temp get hotter than usual, and the carpet started smoking bad, and before I even had a chance to pull over there were a few flames comming out the side by the shifter area. I was able to stop the flames, and the when all the smoke cleared, I had a badly burned carpert, melted air dict, and three burned wires. I also noticed that I lost my clock, radio,interior light, brights indicator, fog lights, pass side headlight, brights, and the door open light was lit on the dash (no door was open). When I got it home I replaced the three burned wires by the shifter (yellow, purple, and I forget the third color), but it did not get anything working. So then I checked the fuse box, and all the fuses are fine except the 10amp interior light fuse. As soon as you replace the fuse, the new fuse burns out in seconds. Any ideas as to what to check, or where to start? This makes me sad because I think this might be the end of our 16 year love affair, as I am the original owner. There is so much rust on my truck that it would cost a huge amount to fix it, as well as the frame has already been patched. It needs a good amout of mechanical work as well. When I think back over the years, I have had a great time with my Pathie....so many fun memories that I will cherish forever! I hope that I can get it back together because this would be a terrible way for it to come to an end. Zack

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