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  1. Sounds like the dimmer switch there pretty cheap check the FS section look for someone parting out a pathy and get it from them cheers hope that helps
  2. your inclometer will fit under the radio on the 95 thats where i have mine im sure i have a pic somewhere
  3. most of your parts are inner changeable y not swap everything to the 95? and keep that?
  4. the o rings on your injector are shot causing the gas to leak in Mr.Jim had this problem maybe he will chime in, try searching for his post
  5. fiberglass patch and bondo would be ur best bet
  6. thats what ive been doing for a year now, the problem is im a contractor and i have lunch in my truck and its friggen cold right now and 3 isnt moving enough heat into the cab (im a smoker window is cracked)
  7. Where's the resister pack for the blower motor mine doesn't work on 4
  8. love winter driving like my1path said pulling 2wd trucks out is a blast
  9. this is news to me ive set up a few dual altys in trucks one being a blazer never had any problems please ex-plane how it will fry everything?
  10. your heater hoses or core might be pluged pull them off and blow compressed air threw them

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