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  1. Lol, It didn't come from the course work. But I swear it works. Laugh all you want. It actually makes the carbon deposits soft. That's why you let it soak. The carbon will break up and burn off the valves. It won't work like the bg stuff if you want it to look shinny new. But if you want carbon build up off the valves and pistons... Did I mention it's cheap?
  2. For anyone that doesn't have a BG intake system, you can always get the engine to opperating temp and pull a vacuum line, suck a half quart of dextron 3 trans fluid Into the intake. Then shut the engine off and let it soak for 30 minutes. When you start it up its gonna smoke like crazy. Just drive the fire out of it and voila! Carbon is gone I learned that trick at tech school. Just have to make sure you don't let the engine die while it's going into the intake. I always hold the throttle around 3,000 rpm. It may not be as perfect as the BG system, but snake oil is all the same right?! Jk. Good write up by the way. It's the little things that make it feel new again.
  3. I have hope for the floor board repairs now! My rear seats have rust almost this bad. I can definately see the ground under them. Now I just need a welder and free time.
  4. Try using it stock. Then figure out if that works for you. If your not a hardcore trail junkie, then the stock setup might be more than you need.
  5. I don't think putting any kind of extractor in your exhaust is gonna help anything. The exhaust is only going to flow what the system is designed for. Lots of gimmicks out there so do your research. As far as a webber goes, count on it taking more drinks at the petrol station. I installed one on my Toyota pickup and read about them for months. Their claims of its two barrel design offering more fuel in the primary to save gas by reserving the need or demand on the secondary. Totall line of bs. Also fuel pressure would be a serious issue for your rig. Not sure how many psi are in a stock pathfinder, but because it's fuel injected its gonna be somewhere in the 25-50 range. Webber only needs 3-6 psi to avoid problems. Basically everything you mentioned doing to the rig will improve your off road abilities, but kill your daily driving commuting aspects. Can't have both realistically.
  6. uh oh....I am starting to see several cupholders in the near future! Template made and ruff model constructed.... I cant wait!

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    2. nismothunder


      I have a mininum of 3 in my trucks, yet I use my legs.


    3. Der_Vier


      Could just get a caR50


    4. Tungsten


      Just have fun cleaning the interior when @!*% flies out of them.

  7. Wow, this cup holder thing is outta control! I'm gonna stick my kneck out here on this one for a little TRUE STORY comic relief. I built a cup holder for my 87 yesterday in 5 minutes. This is how: First things first. I found a random piece of interior plastic in a Walmart parking lot. It looks like it came out of a console. It was rectangle with a square hole in the middle. Then I placed it ontop of my console. It only hung over by an inch on all four sides. Next I grabbed a round Rubbermaid container i used to take walnuts for a snack. I ate all the walnuts and placed this round container in the square hole. Then I though "damn a little wood and fiberglass" ... Jk, so then I got my sunglasses out of the glove box and I removed them out of the silk black bag thing. I then placed that inside the container like a liner. Then I assembled my new Rubbermaid, Oakley, Honda console into my pathfinder console. It fits a 20 oz bottle, or a 12 oz can perfectly! And if haters are h8'n, then I can throw the whole thing in a recycling bin (after recouping that sunglasses bag of course) Yeah, it's the most kick-ass cup holder ever! Genius, I know
  8. Dang, wish I could have just had that info about 4 months ago I had a great block. Had. I got rid of the other engine to try to pay for the cost of the used one. It's so weird how Nissan made it sound so different and all the information I read about the a-b vs the w series all said the cooling ports were different. I wonder where they got that from? Either way, I am stuck with this w series junker now. Nothi g I can do different. As far as checking inside the pan, wouldn't that require the front diff to come out?? Eff that. If I'm taking that diff out it is so I can take the whole engine out and send it back to Texas on the horse it rode in on
  9. Rest assured, I remembered to put oil in it It actually holds about 4.25 with the level right at the max line and oil filter full. So either way it was crazy low. Especially for the engine only having been driven for less than a 1000 miles. I'm kinda suspecting the oil control rings are carboned badly. I am running a Mobil 1 high mileage hoping that all the additives and detergents will help clean it put and reseat the rings. I am only giving it a fair 3,000 mile oil change test though. Otherwise that yard in Texas is gonna hate me when I'm done.
  10. So I went with the used JDM engine and this is my update: First of all- I should have known this prior to my search, but a JDM VG30i is like an oxymoron or something. Seems how they only made them in Japan and imported them over here. So all that JDM is just newbie hype. I fell for it... But thats just a funny side note. So on to the engine. I bought one that only cost me $750 shipped to a loading dock. I bought it from a yard in texas. supposedly guaranteed to have less than 80,000 miles. the good: the engine was cheap, had a 1 year replacement warranty (unlimited mileage), and it got here in only 3 days!(Missouri) the Bad: When the engine showed up it was all painted black and silver. they did a good job i guess except they painted over 20 years of grease and oil. Whatever, just cosmetic.. Also the entire intake and TBI were all corroded and looked really bad. The throttle plate was so corroded that I broke the throttle cam trying to open it. I also notice it had a total of 7 rusted and broken studs and bolts in the block. Not just exhaust, im talking accessory brackets, trans mount and timing cover. Then to top it off, when i had got inside the engine to replace the t-belt and replace the oil pump, i found lucus oil stabilizer and pieces of old timing belt tensioner. Then after swapping all the bad to have a nice clean vg30i, I installed it. So after getting everything bolted and connected i cranked it. It fired right up. The oil light turned off rather quickly and was driving it two hours later..... BUT Then.... When coming to a stop i started to notice my oil light coming on. I thought that the sending unit may be bad as i had to solder the wires back onto the old one, so i went to orielly's and purchased one for $36.00. Nothing changed... Oil pressure still drops below 15psi when braking and the oil light comes on. I can also get the oil light to come on if the truck is all warmed up and I rev it in neutral. So then I just started to baby it and i just focused on working out all the little electrical issues for other components and things. That was going well until about 900-1000 miles later when I checked the oil and found the engine to be 3 quarts low! Yeah, It doesn't leak a drop either. So oil rings are stuck?? (wishful thinking) soooo, I went to the parts house and bought a little quart of Lucas oil treatment and put about half in with a new oil change and filter. Now my oil pressure is always pegged out between 60-120 psi according to my oil gauge.No more light, but I haven't driven it enough to tell if the rings are letting oil pass or if my valve seals are leaking. So How about that one year unlimited mile replacement warranty? Yeah, gonna get my ass burned on that one. After all the money invested into factory Nissan seals, gaskets, wp, op, tbelt, tensioner thermostat, etc... they dont cover parts and labor...just the engine. anyone got a longblock for free??! FML
  11. i found the full schematic for the system thanks to the FSM that is pinned. Completely electric and it opens and closes a hydraulic valve controlling the fluid. I like the idea of the adjustable feature via console switch and if i had money i would go back stock with them. But for now, i will just paint that switch red and write "Do Not Push" on it. That should make a perfectly good non working switch into a perfectly good novelty switch. *gears turning* maybe connect it to a horn inside the console. that way when other peoples' curiosity becomes too much to cope with....muwahaha!
  12. You should be able to get it to swap. I believe you are correct on the axles needing to be swapped too. From what I can tell, the bolt patterns are different. I have also been reading more on Nissan difs just so i know what crowd to market my H/B parts too. These guys are using the R180 and the R200 interchangeably. Although they are using them in different applications, its all the same because Nissan is so smart! http://www.zcar.com/70-83_tech_discussion_forum/r200_r180_swap_help_632628.0.html
  13. I have been considering custom options myself. I found a guy that made one out of an ammo box I just so happen to have one laying around too.... hmmm. I might even check into affixing cup holders to it. Or maybe a drop in tray that you can remove to access the junk... err, i mean tools and necessary center console things. The tray or insert could even house a usb/power outlet. I could find a removable cup holder insert from almost any later model car in a junk yard that is about the same size as an ammo box. (thinking of a 2003 and up altima or maxima). Then build a frame from wood/fiberglass/ or some other creative fashion to set the cup holder inside the ammo box. I think it would look really clean and definitely custom. http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f9/finally-made-my-ammo-can-console-788505/ p.s. and then follow the idea of the last guy to post on the thread... grenade shift knob
  14. Actually the bench seat is just a neat idea. I personally like my bucket seats. That being said cause I swapped my pathy for an 87 toyota pickup with a bench seat. However, I sure would like to get my e brake out of the console area. I want to change my center console config and getting that handle out of there would be awesome. I guess i could sell the bench seat if someone else likes the idea. The truck also has an electric fan that im going to grab. maybe cruise control module and wiper motor and switch. Other than that i assume the rest would be up for grabs.

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