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  1. yo Thomas are you still active at the npora forum...call me I have a question...Neil 509-3120456

  2. Jared, May your family be blessed with all the goodness you have brought into our world...
  3. Check the connections at the starter, also the clam shell positive wire has been an on going issue. just a little corrosion in the connections at the clam shell can drive you insane for months.
  4. lmao @ Fueler. go figure. sorry about the white stuff.... I hear it's comin this way though :)

  5. I have the Calmini 3" kit, only thing i dont like is the Squeak... I would suggest if you go with Calmini, have the UCA drilled Tapped and add a grease zerk fitting... the RC UCA's come with the Zerk installed. I too liked the fact it was a Kit... UCA's, T-bars are a little stiff, rear springs and drop down bracket.... I might go as far as to suggest using the original T-bars...
  6. hes got to change his name.... Welcome
  7. I remember having a H2O gasket fail on my 95(was not me that installed it) similar problems with the occasional leak. Found fluid dripping out the timing cover and behind it.... I know slick remembers the phone call that night and me with the wrong timing belt...
  8. Quick update... Cast off 9/8/2008, still in a splint that i can take off when showering. Surgery #2 will be next Friday to remove the pins. Right now I have about 15-20% use of my hand. the pins are killing me pain wise... i sent pezzy the x-ray....
  9. Thats where my front bumper started :tonguefinger: few minor mods
  10. *Is still really upset he could not make it....
  11. i got the xrays on cd, but it wont let me post them... some funky format..
  12. ya well 2 days after surgery is expecting a bit much... i do think i have a draw system figured out for the bow... have to wait until after the 18th for the perm cast...
  13. i payed the $86 for the script... should have been $15... Trying to put together a pain management schedule is not working to well...
  14. They pinned me up yesterday, the arm block wore off about 4am... been up since... rummaging around the house... group health yet again fails to pay for prescription... Should be interesting the next couple of days...
  15. Well all went well... I now have 2 pins in my wrist... 6 to 8 week recovery... and that vid break was pretty dam close... pops some pills and off to lala land i go...

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