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  1. RedPath88

    20 Years!

    That warms my heart!
  2. RedPath88

    20 Years!

    Yep, that's just since this incarnation of the forum started Agreed!
  3. Renewed! Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Should be resolved, let me know.
  5. hmm, I am not seeing that, but will take a look. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Start a petition for a W version of the D21 body! BTW, I have perhaps the first D21 RC released (not sure). Even have the original box and everything that came with it, along with the Tower Hobbies kit, radio, bag, battery etc. There is a seller on eBay that offers reproductions of the lexan/polycarbonate body, which I actually bought one from. But finding the grill, headlight lenses and light bar may not be as easy. This was my very first hobby grade RC.
  7. lol yeah we have one.. look at the bottom of the page It's an included one from IPS and yes some text is hard, or very hard to see. I've long used it and guess that I've just got used to it, at some point I'll dig through the code and see if I can find a fix for it.
  8. Forum was offline for less than 60 seconds for a minor software update.
  9. NPORA Site and Forums was offline for an unannounced server move by the host. They planned for only a few minutes of sitewide unavailability during the DNS settings update and although the main site returned within that timeframe, the forums did not. For unknown reasons the databases were not automatically migrated to the new server. A call to support initiated a manual move and account association of the databases. The total down time for NPORA Forums is estimated to have been in the 90-100min range. EDIT: Email is currently not functioning, but they are working on it. This includes the Forums built-in email notification system (registration emails, password resets, post/message notifications, etc) along with all @nissanpathfinders.net staff addresses. EDIT: Email services have been restored
  10. Tapatalk updated to latest version. -No forum site downtime -Minimal app access downtime
  11. Banned for assuming wiggling vs animation!
  12. Groundbreaking for new construction happened yesterday, right next door... So unless they fence the whole thing off , I might have an easy reason to break out the 1/8 and 1/10 scale offroad RC's!
  13. BANNED, for killing the thread!
  14. No need for this around here
  15. Forum was offline for less than 5 minutes for a security and minor software update.
  16. First thing I suggest would be to review this thread and see of you have similar symptoms, this may be your issue and fix...
  17. Your are correct about deletion... in this instance I'll just lock this thread. But, given that new/recent threads are already given attention in the sidebar, as this post was as well, please refrain from doing this in the future. ?
  18. Building off of @Slartibartfast, I would lean towards low pressure... in my personal experience, that has always been the issue, on multiple vehicles, but YMMV. As for the light, in my '88 (not sure about '97s) the light does not turn on unless the clutch is electrically engaged. Meaning no light if the system pressure is below the pressure switches minimum threshhoold.
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